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Category: Banking

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://www.zodiaq.io

Whitepaper: https://www.zodiaq.io/file/ZODIAQ_WP.pdf

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Zodiaq currently has its house bank, having a license for account opening and providing any operations (account management, performing transactions) both in crypto and in fiat currencies, as well as its own cryptocurrency exchange. Zodiaq is planning to realize own flexible platform on basis of open API and to debug the solution in the context of compatibility with its house bank. Purpose of this process - to provide a ready-made solution to other banking sector players, the implementation of which will require minimal resources, allows fin-tech companies to become an independent link in the daily transactions of Zodiaq’s customers to create their own infrastructure solutions without the need for development from scratch.The use of blockchain technology at the heart of the system will increase credibility to service. This technology functions without the centralized management, therefore, is not subjected to influence on cost and terms of transactions. Zodiaq strategic aim is formation of new financial infrastructure, which will replace classical banks as a managing service for implementation of transactions between contraparties. Due to the widely developed infrastructure of relationships with a large number of financial services and the formation of its own foreign exchange reserves, post-trade processing consumer services will be launched within core business units of Zodiaq system. This mechanism will allow instant cashless transfers in the local currency ZOD for counter obligations between users and companies for sold and delivered goods, financial instruments and services performed, based on clearings within the ecosystem contour. ZODIAQ system’s structure of income. Zodiaq project as any infrastructure project has a commission structure of income.

• Transaction banking

• Processing of payments;

• cryptocurrency acquiring;

• Card programs;

• Currency exchange;

• Arbitration;

• Brokerage service;

• Liquidity lease.


The emitted quantity of tokens 300 000 000 pcs Initial cost of token 1 ZOD = $0,1

Token Standard: ERC20

Hard cap 104.719 million dollars.

Soft cap 1.5 million dollars.

Unshared tokens are destroyed by a smart contract. Zodiaq project is based on four fundamental objects, each of which is a separate stage with a certain sales value. The following rounds realizations with following parameters are expected: RoundCost of token, USDDate heldHard capI Pre-ICO0,1 USD21.05.18 -10.06.185 743 000 USDII Bank0,2 USD08.07.18 - 07.08.1824 535 000 USDIII Exchange0,75 USD04.11.2018 - 03.12.201823 901 000 USDIV Payment System1,5 USD03.02.2019 - 02.03.201914 540 000 USDV Hedge Fund2,0 USD02.06.2019 - 01.07.201936 000 000 USDAfter fund rising at every step ZODIAQ begins to implement the corresponding structure unit. The cost of token increases with each new round, and the share of investment risks decrease, while the value of token grows due to the development of infrastructure and the launch of services.In the event if all tokens intended for implementation within the current round will be sold in advance, the project reserves the right to perform sale of tokens of the subsequent rounds with preserving multiplying co-e cient of the cost.Thus, the number of actually conducted rounds can be reduced up to one.Distribution of the emitted tokens2% Referral program3% Bounty5% Partners and consultants10% Founders and team80% Public offeringISSUE PARAMETERS The funds raised during the Pre-ICO will be expressed as a percentage as follows:Distribution of funds collected on Pre-ICO50% Marketing20% Development10% Security10% Legal support5% Infrastructure5% Operating expenses

Disposition of funds collected for ICO30% Development 30% Infrastructure 20% Marketing 10% Security7% Operating expenses 3% Legal support If according to the fact of the and ICO, at declared hard drive of $ 104.719 million, all or most tokens are sold, and the remained tokens are not enough for a covering of all pools, in this case, the contract provides a function that can only be worked off at the conclusion of the ICO and to provide missing tokens. After that, the additional issue of tokens becomes unavailable at all.Also at the end of the ICO, 25% of volumes of the sold tokens as a reserve fund one-time in addition are produced. Reserve fund tokens may be needed for possible additional funding it the future, or for commission fee payment or for compensation of the lost tokens during the ICO Company.Tokens putting on holdFor certain groups of ZOD tokens holders there are time limits for the secondary implementation. These usage time limits are forced into application in order to serve interests of project participants, are specified in the code of the smart contract and are not subject to change.

• buyers - tokens sold on Pre-ICO are blocked until the end of the first round, in turn, the tokens of the first round are blocked until the end of the second round, buyers of the second round are blocked until the end of the third round, buyers of the third to the end of the fourth round;• founders and team - 24 months;

• partners and consultants - 6 months;

• reserve fund - 24 months;

• bounty - 1 month.

Legal status of the tokenZOD token is not a digital currency, a security or any other type of financial instrument. ZOD does not give any other rights in any form, including but not limited, any property, including but not limited, profit, redemption, liquidation, property, including all forms of intellectual property or other financial or legal rights, different from those described in White paper.


Limitations on buying of ZOD tokens apply to citizens of the following countries: USA, Switzerland, Singapore, and Canada. Policy KYC, requiring passing necessary personal identification is applied on all others jurisdictions.In case of identification of violations of these limitations by residents of the listed jurisdictions, the invested funds are subject to obligatory return.The market is saturated with projects that offer to register a bank, or an exchange after the ICO. ZODIAQ differs from similar projects in that there are already implemented banks, the exchange and a hedg

They are running and working in test mode.We deployed an automated banking engine with a built-in transaction accounting module in cryptocurrencies, got banking license, with the right to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies, became participants in the international Swift system, received Fatca, Giin and other attributes of a full-fledged bank.We developed an interface for the automated management of the Hedge Fund. We developed the centralized exchange trade system.THE STRONG SIDE IS THAT OUR BANK HAVE A LICENCE FOR OPERATIONS BOTH IN FIAT AND CRYPTO CURRENCIES, AND A BANKING SOFTWARE THAT IS READY AND OPERATIONAL. THE BANK CONNECTED TO SWIFT AND HAVE FATCA JIIN. EXCHANGE AND HEDGE FUND SOFTWARE ARE DEVELOPED AND IN A TESTING STAGE. ON ICO WE RAISE FUNDS FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT AND SCALING

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