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Short Description: A global ecosystem around cryptocurrency

Category: E-commerce

Category: Enterprise Blockchain

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://ypto.space/

Whitepaper: https://dw.ypto.space/whitepaper_ypto_V2.pdf?wpnd_cid=5266141b4c9a1eb8

YPTOspace aims to make digital currencies less compartmentalized and more accessible for a global audience

"Its first mission is to create a set of tools, working together around a common wallets system, that will allow users to have all the tools they are using today in separate platforms inside of one."

  • Allows fiat and cryptocurrencies to move more smoothly over the internet and around the world
  • Leverages the power of blockchain to level the crypto playing field for the general public
  • Streamlines and simplifies services offered by traditional banks
  • Ecosystem provides retail opportunities, P2P trading, banking, gaming and more

$YPTO Token Sale Model & Details

  • Technology: Derived from Bitcoin, POW and POS mix
  • Total token supply: 150,000,000,000
  • Total tokens available for ICO: 45,000,000,000

The ICO will be carried out in 4 phases over the course of 4 weeks:

  1. March 25th - Phase 1: Price 0.01 USD (Registered before March 25th)
  2. April 1st - Phase 2: Price 0.02 USD
  3. April 8th - Phase 3: Price 0.03 USD
  4. April 15th - Phase 4: Price 0.04 USD

For more information on the company's upcoming token sale and for additional news and details on $YPTO, visit the company's site here.

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