YOUnited (UNTD) Token Sale Review

Our Analysis

Team: 7

Feasibility: 8

Product: 8.7

Overall Rating: 7.9


September 24, 2019 - February 24, 2020

Sale Type: ICO

Name: YOUnited

Short Description: A truly fair online betting/gaming platform with no house advantage

Category: Casino & Gambling

Ticker: $UNTD



Tokens Available: 70%

  • Decentralizes online betting for completely fair gambling experience and zero house edge
  • Offers lower fees than a traditional online casino, and many blockchain-based casinos
  • Provides instantaneous payouts with transactions validated in under one minute
  • Accessible in countries even with strict regulations
  • Executive team could benefit from additional technical blockchain experience

YOUnited (UNTD) is a blockchain-based platform for online gambling with zero house interaction. The primary objective of YOUnited is to eliminate casino involvement in the industry, allowing true player-versus-player solutions.

Decentralizes online betting for a completely fair gambling experience, with no house edge

The YOUnited blockchain technology allows betting and gambling to advance with a provably fair and audit-able algorithm. Transactions are faster and more secure than when playing in a traditional online casino.

YOUnited's platform is comprised of many features, including:

  • Lotteries
  • Quick and skill games
  • Sports betting
  • Casino games
  • Support of turnkey solution for online operators
  • Social networking options

Smart contracts on the network allow prize pools to be transferred directly between players, without a possibility to manipulate the pay-outs, nor cannibalize returns to the players. Further money-generating options are also available, including through YOUnited's ambassador and referral programs, which allow users to earn passive rewards.

Fundraising Rounds

Team made up of professionals in gambling, marketing and communications, could benefit from blockchain expert

YOUnited Founder and CEO Michaela Bolerazsky has previous experience in a managerial role at Dell and has since managed a variety of successful construction and gaming projects. Community Manager Kristina Benovicova was previously employed by T-Mobile as a new business development advisor. The company's game designer, Michal Tomcany, has extensive experience in game design, including AR and VR applications.

We do feel the team would benefit from additional, demonstrable blockchain/technical experience on the executive team.

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