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Team: 6.5

Feasibility: 6.2

Product: 6.2

Overall Rating: 6.3

Short Description: XRT is the decentralized peer to peer ERC-20 compatible token created by XRT Foundation which especially works in food industry. It seeks to improve the digitalization of the cryptocurrencies in the food sector. XRT is the first cryptocurrency which has come with such different conceptXRT foundation is working on a decentralized platform. We are providing a payment gateway for Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Motels, Resorts etc. which will make payment easier and secure. However, XRT Coins can be utilized anywhere and anytime. The XRT Initial Coin Offering(ICO) deployment would allow to use XRT as your best choice of trading and marketing.Accepted cryptocruuncy. BTC,ETH,XMR,DGB,DASH,BNB,LTC.The team behind XRT is determined to collaborate with 2000+ food companies by 2020 as we are going to become a very popular brand in near future. It will become a Great Revolution in digital world among the common public.XRT will be tradable on popular & authentic exchanges and over different markets.SALE POLICY FOR XRT TOKENRemaining of XRT TokensRemaining coins will be properly distributed among rewards, Valuable Products Manufacturing, Future beneficial Projects, and partnerships, some in public safe stake holding and some global Exchanges to be exchanged on the long term.KYC / AML / Privacy Policy Statement Notice KYC / AML will be conducted after crowd-sales (the timeline will be announced during the Crowd sale period). Token lock-up will be released after KYC / AML. Return the Ethereum to the appropriate wallet address, excluding the 5% of fee to the participant who refused/neglected to proceed KYC / AML After 90 days of the end of Crowd sale. If a country request KYC and AML, the personal information will be provided to the country. Token sale participant can request the review / the modification / the elimination of their personal information.Restriction XRT Token Sale ParticipationXRT Foundation strongly suggests that residents of the US, China, Singapore and South Korea do the Legal Due Diligence before you participate in XRT sale event.Recommended WalletsPLEASE PROVIDE ADDRESS OF ERC20 COMPATIBLE WALLETS. Recommended Wallets: MyEtherWallet,

Category: Business Services

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://www.xrtfoundation.org

Whitepaper: https://www.xrtfoundation.org/public/docs/whitepaper.pdf

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