Weave (WVR) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform

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Team: 6

Feasibility: 6.1

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.03


April 1, 2019 - September 30, 2019

Sale Type: ICO

Name: Weave

Short Description: A cryptocurrency for augmented and virtual reality

Category: Entertainment

Category: Gaming

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Ticker: $WVR

Website: https://weave.wearvr.com/

Whitepaper: https://weave.wearvr.com/whitepaper/weave-white-paper-en.pdf

  • Provides a universal currency for the VR/AR sector
  • Builds on existing ecosystem of users, manufacturers and distribution channels from WEARVR app store
  • Blockchain integration will improve obstacles to adoption, like friction between game and hardware manufacturers
  • Token will stimulate app sales, user engagement/retention and new app creation within AR/VR ecosystem

Weave (WVR) is a blockchain application to streamline and integrate the gaming ecosystem by creating a single currency.

Improves obstacles to adoption, including friction between game and hardware manufacturers

There are currently three major stakeholders in the AR/VR gaming sector — gamers, app developers and hardware manufacturers — whose interests are often at odds. Weave proposes the use of its token to create a single AR/VR gaming ecosystem in which blockchain technology drives increased use of the technology and content creation, while eliminating rampant copyright theft in the industry.

By design, Weave occupies a place at the intersection of all different VR markets, which allows it to partner with different businesses and initiatives without creating conflict. Though currently established primarily in the VR markets, Weave anticipates AR experiencing increased growth in the coming years and is already negotiating its entrance into that market.

Builds on existing ecosystem of users

Weave already has over 6,000 developers of VR content on its platform, both consumer and enterprise, and strives to give these companies a low-cost and highly efficient way of distributing their content. These developers have already created over 10,000 VR apps and will be the first group Weave focuses on, to integrate its utility token into their apps.

Weave has also established partnerships with a number of hardware manufacturers and distributors, including in China, the world's largest manufacturer of VR.

Team demonstrates significant sector experience 

Weave was founded in part by CEO Nic Mitham, who has over a decade of experience in virtual business planning, market sizing and consulting. COO Andrew Douthwaite worked in direct investment at Lloyds Banking Group, while CTO Matthew Warneford serves as a board member for various gaming corporations and co-founded Dubit, a digital consultancy for kids' brands.

$WVR Token Sale Model & Details

Weave token is used to purchase apps in existing and partner stores.

  • Total tokens: 960,000,000
  • Total tokens for sale: 480,000,000
  • Price 1 WVR=0.10 USD
  • Type: built on Stellar
  • Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
  • Token distribution: 50% Sale, 15% Company/Marketplace Reserves, 12.5% Employees, 7.5% Shareholders and Advisors, 7.5% Ecosystem Partners and Users, 7.5% Airdrops and Site Usage Rewards

The public token sale runs from 4/1/19 through 7/31/19. Whitelisting is required for participation.

For more information on $WVR's upcoming token sale, download the company's white paper here. For ICO news and alerts, visit the company's website here. 

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