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World Wi-Fi is a global decentralized free network. The participants of the platform include ordinary users, router owners and advertisers. The users enjoy free internet,

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2018-03-18 - 2018-05-18
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The main test is the trouble to interface with an open Wi-Fi network in numerous spots on the planet. With no portable Internet, the client regularly observes private locked Wi-Fi systems which are difficult to connect with. Indeed, even in places with the quick versatile Internet, for example, LTE a few difficulties are normal: LTE Internet has data limit restrictions, speed, and it is by and costlier.

The second test is the cost for Internet connection. For service providers, the arrangement of Internet connectivity is a central business and they will need to expand productivity.

The third test is the absence of financial assets. A great many people worldwide might want to profit, especially if it just includes sharing an asset that they have with them.


The World Wi-Fi venture is a worldwide decentralized free Wi-Fi system in light of private routers which are normally residential. Each router proprietor may share their overabundant Wi-Fi limit, enable visitors to interface and share the limit and in the process win cryptocurrency for this mutual capacity. Everyone wins: while visitor clients get free Internet, the individuals who possess routers draw a salary, and advertising agencies reach out to their intended interest group. World Wi-Fi is a worldwide task worked by the global community.

Key Features

  1. World Wi-Fi will empower the most expansive territory of private housing overall utilizing home routers, and furthermore, encourage equal and smooth distribution of free Internet access in high usage regions like cafes, bus stops, restaurants, hotels and bars.
  2. The World Wi-Fi task will empower free Wi-Fi around the world. The Internet access will turn out to be free as the client will simply need to see a little promotional ad.
  3. The World Wi-Fi stage accommodates an accumulation of tokens for promotion. They offer the chance to win cryptocurrency by sharing Wi-Fi and showing the promotions on a router access point which the owner of the router has. We can assemble our own particular referral system and feel like we are a genuine overseeing executive of a communications provider. The World Wi-Fi venture has set up basic and straightforward conditions to acquire some additional salary.
  4. World Wi-Fi empowers the advertiser to choose the target audience depending on their search history, sex, age, social networking profile, and area of stay or presence.
  5. On World Wi-Fi, each publicist can track the most extensive and 100% solid insights. The historical directory of all promotional ads is recorded on the blockchain and may not be duplicated.

How does World Wifi work?

Essentially, Wi-Fi Global gets three communities of individuals together in a blockchain-based condition. These three gatherings incorporate web clients, router proprietors, and advertisers.

As a web client, we can utilize Wi-Fi Global to get to free web anyplace on the planet. All we got to do is locate a supplier in the vicinity, watch a short promotion and you’re online.

Advertisers can buy advertisements on the Wi-Fi Global platform utilizing WeTokens. Demographic and area targeting is accessible to promoters, and every promotion rules the screen of the gadget – ensuring a more captivated group of onlookers than customary standard commercials.

The Token Sale

During the ICO, ERC20 tokens will be sold.

1 WeToken = 10 advertising impressions in World Wi-Fi = $0.1 – at ICO stage. The ICO starts on March 18, 2018, and 600 million WeTokens will be issued out of which 258 million WT s will be up for grabs.

New dates: 

Pre ICO: 28 November 2017 – 16 April 2018

ICO:  18 April 2018 – 18 May 2018

The token value will rely upon the World Wi-Fi infiltration rate in the advertising market. The higher the entrance of the advertising market is, the higher the token cost is. This is because of the way that the token sale scenario is developing constantly, and the quantity of tokens stays constant. Given the advancement of the World Wi-Fi venture, the sponsors will purchase an ever increasing number of tokens available to have the capacity to dispatch ad campaigns.

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