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Overall Rating: 6

Short Description: The first total solver for Word-of-Mouth players.

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Ticker: $WMPRO

Website: www.wmpro.io


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WMpro. The next generation Professional Social Network incorporates a "certificator" and rating system certified by a smart contract, with a sector-specific e-commerce. The Word-of-Mouth market is worth over 189 billion dollars and has over 116 million operators. The growing popularity of social networks has further boosted the industry and has allowed the proliferation and diffusion of "unverified" information on the real ethical-professional qualities of companies, operators, and partners.

The Eucleia platform and WMPRO blockchain satisfy the need for a decentralized, secure, inviolable, certified database, with truthful and transparent information on the features of the companies and their operators. Exploring the Opportunity and the potential numbers of the Referral Marketing Industry, there’s no doubt that the idea of obtaining a better professional rating and spending WMPRO crypto assets on real products and services will support cryptocurrency holders on all levels.

Every challenge is an opportunity. With the growing amount of risks surrounding the word-of-mouth industry and the explosion of crypto adoption, we may have the perfect recipe for a change in the future of the entire industry. Thanks to Eucleia, word-of-mouth, socials, and many other professions and companies will never be the same

Sale starts July 20, 2018. Sale ends October 31, 2018

Accepted ETHTo obtain WMPRO tokens, ERC-20 compatible wallet such as MyEtherWallet will be used (distributed at the end of the token sale). As part of WMPRO’s KYC process, and as per WMPRO.io, users may also be required to provide additional information and documentation to verify their identity. WMPRO reserves the right to reject a potential WMPRO token purchaser.The WMPRO Token Sale will take place on July 20, 2018 and will end on October 31, 2018. If on the Closing Date, WMPRO has not received a minimum of 1.000 ETH in contributions, this will result in contributions being returned to contributors.1 ETH = 1.500 WMPROThe exact number of WMPRO Tokens to be received by a contributor will depend on what day of the Token Sale the contribution is made, as determined by the WMPRO Token allocation mechanism below:

Round 1: 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO + 40% Bonus July 20, 2018 > July 30, 2018 included

Round 2: 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO + 30% Bonus July 31, 2018 > August 20, 2018 included

Round 3: 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO + 20% Bonus August 21, 2018 > Sept 10, 2018 included

Round 4: 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO + 10% Bonus Sept 11, 2018 > Sept 24, 2018 included

Round 5: 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO September 25 > October 31, 2018 included.

The Purchasers that buys between 10 and 20 ETH, automatically will receive an extra bonus of 5% in WMPRO.

Purchasers who commit to purchase WMPRO Tokens either during the Token Sale valued at 100 ETH or more, will be eligible for an extra-bonus. All such bonuses will be discussed individually with each potential buyer.

Apply to: [email protected]

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