WhatsHalal (WHT) Token Sale & ICO Review

Our Analysis

Team: 6.3

Feasibility: 6.4


Overall Rating: 6.35

Short Description: A seamless halal food ecosystem

Category: Business Services

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Ticker: $WHT

Website: https://www.gbn.services/ri2b

Whitepaper: https://whatshalal.io/front/assets2/pdf/WH-whitepaper-document.pdf

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WhatsHalal (WHT) Token Sale & ICO Review

Whatshalal aims to harmonize halal standards worldwide. From farm to fork, our blockchain system will simplify, streamline and provide true traceability in the 2 trillion dollar halal industry. One of the missions of WhatsHalal is to create a halal ecosystem that benefits both merchants and consumers, locally and internationally. We seek to reduce, even eliminate, doubt of the halal-ness of the food people consume, in a time when such information may not be readily available or easily sourced.

The public needs a true halal food source and a service like WhatsHalal would allow the community to know it's consuming food that aligns with its life choices.

Token Sale Details

  • Price: 1 WHT=0.05 USD
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, fiat
  • Soft cap: 500,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
  • Tokens available for ICO: 7,400,000,000
  • Total tokens: 20,000,000,000
  • Protocol: ERC20
  • Fund allocation: 40% infrastructure, 20% marketing, 40% expansion
  • Token distribution: 39% crowd sales, 20% proof of devotion pool, 21% reserves, 11.5% team/management, 5% market acquisition & expansion, 2.5% bounty & marketing, 1% advisors

      Token Sale Rounds

  • ICO: 10/31/18 - 12/11/18

For more information on $WHT tokenomics, download pdf here.

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