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Short Description: 4500+ Peer to Peer Lending Platforms. 10M+ Loans. Powered by Blockchain. One Welltrado.

Category: Investment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://welltrado.io/#home

Whitepaper: https://welltrado.io/static/docs/Welltrado-Whitepaper.pdf

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Welltrado is an already operating scalable blockchain based platform that seeks to enable investors to buy and sell loans from thousands of different loan providers globally, invest into peer-to-peer lending funds (P2P) and manage investment portfolios. Despite a massive growth in the P2P industry, there are three major problems that stand in the way of the future success of the market which we aim to solve:

1. Problems with diversifying and managing investments.Solution: Loan aggregator

2. Building trust and transparency in the market.Solution: Portfolio management of loans

3. Encouraging cross-border investments, particularly finding a way to let the vast and untapped cryptocurrency assets enter the P2P lending market.

Solution: Welltrado P2P fund

BENEFITS FOR INVESTORS: Up to 10X higher returns

We provide the ability to invest even in platforms where it has not been possible for more than 10 years. We believe that returns should not vary based on where you live – everyone should have access to high-interest rates. Up to 7X faster

On average, traditional investors open accounts on 7 different P2P Lending Platforms. It might take days or even weeks to pass a verification process, get used to the new interface, and even longer to manage and track investments. Welltrado makes this process much faster. Create an account at Welltrado, get verified, and all platforms and their loans can be reached with a single click.More than 10M loans in a single dashboard

No one can stop your lending, not even politics, economic policies or banks. No middleman, just you and the loans. Lower your risk by choosing from thousands of P2P lending platforms and millions of loans.

BENEFITS FOR LENDING PLATFORMS Up to 20% more investments

Welltrado works exclusively with retail and institutional investors only. Internet Lending Platforms have a great chance to get additional investments to their loans while working with Welltrado in a 100% automated and optimized way.100+ different deposit optionsCurrently, 95% of Lending Platforms have very few deposit options. In most cases, there is a single PSP integration, or perhaps none at all. Welltrado will provide Lending Platforms with „Payment aggregator module“ which will enable investors to deposit money from any bank or e-wallet (including Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Credit Cards, Mobile payments + 100 other different methods).10x faster administration process for investors. Many big Lending Platforms prefer to work with a few big investors rather than many single individuals because of the cost of administration and verification time. After the ICO Welltrado will seek to become an Asset Management company, making us the preferred source of investments for Lending Platforms. Welltrado will take care of the KYC of investors.15% less defaulted loans. Welltrado‘s goal is to aggregate loans from Lending Platforms. With millions of loans gathered, and with the help of big data and machine learning, we will be able to notice particular patterns of loans and borrowers. Therefore, we will be able to assess the risk not just on a local, but on a continental level. This means that Lending Platforms will get the additional know-how to their own risk-assessment process and will be able to improve the “Risk score” of the loans, making investments on their platform more attractive.The Welltrado token sold during the token launch is known as the Welltrado token, or WTL. This is the only time that these tokens can be created, and therefore the total supply of WTL is fixed. FeesFees, similar to those of a P2P lending market, will be charged to participants on the Welltrado services and applications layers (but as a reminder, not the basic core layer). These fees will initially be denominated in cryptocurrency, namely ETH. WAT tokens. Welltrado seeks to not only create interesting software, but also a community of those interested in sharing their lending wisdom about Welltrado markets. To do this, we have created a model thatlowers the barrier to entry for repeat users (e.g., having to pay ETH repeatedly). Therefore, in addition to paying this fee in ETH, Welltrado ecosystem participants will be able to pay the fee in Welltrado Access Tokens, or WAT tokens.Welltrado Access Token (WAT) can be used to pay platform fees on the services layer or for buying/selling in Welltrado loans market or paying fees for funds management.WAT will be pegged to $1 worth of fees. This way, WAT acts as a coupon for $1 of use within Welltrado. The accepted currencies for payments during ICO are Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC).

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