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WCX is a next-generation crypto exchange built by ex Apple engineers.

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2018-05-13 - 2018-09-02
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Our vision is to become a global stock market powered entirely by digital currency. We offer three products:- Spot Exchange. Trade between liquid, high cap currencies like BTC, ETH, and USD.- Futures Exchange. Trade with leverage using bitcoin-based and ethereum-based futures.- Decentralized Exchange. Trade thousands of utility and security tokens in a completely trustless manner.


World-class, technical team. The founders and core team are ex Apple software engineers. We spend 80% of our time on building the product and serving customers.-

Guaranteed exchange listing for XT. The good thing about building your own exchange is you don’t need to beg other exchanges to list it. XT is guaranteed to be listed on our up-and-running spot exchange which already sees ~$100M volume daily. Pairs are XT/BTC, XT/ETH, and XT/USDC.- Large user base. Around 1.6 million email-verified signups, with ~2 million on our email list. These come from our marketing and referral efforts over the past 6 months.-

Buyback program; XT benefits from a continuous buy back and burn program that reduces its supply. WCX uses proceeds from exchange fees to buy back XT on the open market.


Token Name: X Token

• Token Symbol: XT

• Contract Address: 0x282ee54f8ecda53d6bb77df4a4134738375a0664

• Maximum Cap: 1,000,000,000 XT

• Maximum Sale Duration: 112 days

• Token Type: ERC-20 (ETH)

• Buy Back & Burn: 70% of tokens sold

• Allocation: 70% Public / 30% WCX

• Exchange Listing: WCX

• Sale Started: May 13, 2018

For the latest updates on WCX, the team, and the token sale, check out our blog.

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Token Symbol: WCX

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