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Short Description: How VOCO Decentralized Referrals-Engagement Platform Works In today’s fast-paced world with disruptive technologies cropping up every day, marketers are always on the lookout for new trends that can help them stay ahead of the competition.

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are creating a lot of buzz and widespread interest of investors across the globe. But how can organizations leverage digital currencies to enhance customer engagement and loyalty rewards? Airlines make billions of dollars in loyalty club miles every year, and their travel partners, like banks and car rental firms, are successfully engaging customers by rewarding these miles. However, thousands of other industries are still left out.

VOCO Decentralized Referrals-Engagement Platform

For several years, companies have tried to execute loyalty programs with minimal success. It’s particularly difficult to find the right partners to participate in your programs or even to join theirs, resulting in an expensive endeavor of trial and error. The problem is because the system is often centralized, tedious and inefficient, which may not make business sense for small and medium-sized organizations.The Voco token decentralized loyalty program presents an innovative referral marketing solution that suits a wide range of businesses. Typically, any business can buy, share, and use VOCO tokens to facilitate a more efficient participation.

How it Works

Voco platform utilizes blockchain technology to execute referrals, rewards, and loyalty programs by connecting vendors to customers. The social-driven platform allows anyone to earn Voco tokens as a reward for a number of things, including:Promoting a product, service, or a vendor

Extending discounts for purchasing a particular product/service

Promoting related chat contacts on the user’s wall

Voco Smart Referrals System is nothing like any other platform you’ll find on the market.

Each user can refer to products, services and vendors. Users in turn receive a percentage of the vendor’s rewards culminating from all their referred users.

Referral Rewards

The referral rewards system is systematic and pretty straightforward. When new customers, vendors, and recruiters join the platform, they give a percentage of their Voco token rewards to the person who invited them. The new users will also earn a percentage of Voco token rewards earned by users invited by the parties they had invited, and the chain continues. The percentage figure may change from time to time, depending on the prevailing market conditions.The incentive of Voco token rewards is a great way to attract customers who would otherwise be less interested in joining a social media network. More importantly, the platform encourages vendors to develop their own engagements by promoting brand awareness using the loyalty program and referral marketing provided by Voco Token.

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