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June 3, 2019 - July 17, 2019

Sale Type: STO

Name: VMC Core

Short Description: Blockchain platform for urban mobility

Category: Travel

Ticker: $VMC-ST

  • Reduces traffic congestion in cities through "smart city" building
  • Existing companies can seamlessly integrate software
  • Beta version of app is available for testing

VMC Core is a p2p platform for facilitating urban mobility.

VMC's platform will help existing and emerging public/private transport companies, as well as shared and autonomous mobility companies, easily integrate its software.

Through an autonomous, decentralized network, transportation can be more efficient, while also protecting users' data and privacy.

Helps reduce congestion and fight pollution

Currently, there are numerous mobility options in any given locale, but they are all competing with one another, ultimately resulting in less efficiency for the user, and more empty vehicles on the road creating pollution.

VMC's platform proposes a solution that removes intermediaries and allows passengers and drivers to directly connect in the marketplace. VMC's software facilitates cooperation between different mobility operators, which is then translated into smart contracts.

There is also potential for future growth on VMC's network, as insurance agencies, vehicle manufacturers and public transport companies can also join the platform. VMC also hopes to eventually connect non-electric vehicles and older car models to its network as well.

Token Sale Model and Details
The utility token is used for transactions in the blockchain. The security token gives token holders the right to up to 40% of revenue share coming directly from corporate users paying transaction fees.

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