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Short Description: Virtual Staking is a platform where you can Stake your Virtual Staking Tokens ( VST )and earn Staking Bonus of up to 1% / Day.

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The platform is built to generate passive crypto-currency income for millions of crypto-investors. The Token Virtual Staking Token ( VST ) is a token, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and it is the core asset of the Virtual Staking Platform.


The system’s long-term sustainability is granted by the large staking reserve,which is 95% of the total supply and the staking limit of 10.000 tokens / accountto avoid the staking-reserve tokens to be staked by only a few accounts.


Name: VirtualStaking

Symbol ( Ticker ): VST

Decimals: 18

Maximum Supply: 50.000.000

Crowdsale Supply: 2.500.000

PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 1.000 VST

ICO Price: 1 ETH = 500 VST


The Virtual Staking Platform provides a system to stake the Virtual Staking Tokens ( VST ),( virtually ) and a way of passive crypto-currency income for everybody who stake VST in the Virtual Staking platform.

The Limitations of the platform

The minimum staking limit is 100 and the maximum is 10.000 Tokens / Account for minimum 120 days, but the tokens can be withdrawn at any time for a 10% fee which will add the tokens from the fee to the staking reserve and the 90% of the tokens will be returned to the user wallet, then it can be transferred to an exchange or any other ERC20 or VST wallet.

Staking Bonus Structure

First 3 months: 1% / day 3rd to 6th month: 0.8% / day 6th to 12th month: 0.7% / day After 12 months: 0.5% / day

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