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Short Description: Vireo is the digital green revolution - the solution to connect local green projects with global impact investors through the blockchain.For everyone to take part in the digital green revolution, and to ensure the realization of promising green projects, new financing channels have to be put in place to complement traditional financial solutions.

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These channels have to be secure, transparent and easily accessible. They have to provide investment opportunities in duly vetted green assets that generate returns while supporting the real economy and bringing forth positive sustainable development impacts on a global scale. Last but not least, emerging countries, which have both the biggest potential and most pressing need for sustainable, green development, must be able to benefit from the positive impacts of these new financing channels This is why we have created Vireo, a Singapore-based FinTech start-up that offers a range of digital products linked to green assets that will generate green commodities and cash. Vireo will create these tokens by carefully selecting, acquiring and digitizing duly vetted green assets. Vireo is the first company offering digital assets directly linked to and based on green commodity production, accessible to both traditional and digital investors on a global scale. Vireo offers an all-in-one transparent financing channel with minimal financial friction to provide competitive financing solutions for green asset investment. Vireo Products will be accessible to both traditional and digital investors, and will allow to adjust risk/return profile of investments. Vireo will provide three distinct and highly complementary instruments:

Seeds: Vireo’s digital fund shares for early stage investment in green projects;Crops: Vireo’s signature digital green asset directly backed by green commodities. Vireo Certificates: regulated financial instruments indexed on either Seeds or Crops.Seeds are digital fund shares for early stage investment in green projects. They are used to finance the green asset development and acquisition, and will serve Crops as rewards. They are liquid tokens, backed by cash generated by the green asset production of green commodities. Crops are true digital green assets directly backed by green commodities. They are tokenized securities issued when Vireo AM will digitize operating green projects (funded by the Seeds). They are unique, because they are a mix between ETF and YieldCo, with the benefits of a digital currency: they are directly backed by real green assets and green commodities produced, and will generate, every year, a Crops Yield (in cash) that will be totally independent from the Crops market value (whether in FIAT or alt-coins).Traditional impact investors that cannot hold digital assets will be able to buy Vireo Certificates. Investors will receive cash flows directly through the certificates indexed on any of Vireo Products, and will leverage their investments thanks to the market value of, respectively, Seeds and Crops.Vireo Tokens are security tokens that will be issued under SFA exemption 272A. Vireo Tokens will be used to fuel Vireo IM and kick start Vireo Solution.

Benefits for Vireo IM investors

Dividends based on Vireo IM revenues

Free Seeds Bonus (with the conditions related to Seeds reward)

Break Even: 5.75 years

Long term returns and possibility to generate capital gains (see Vireo IM projections below)See more information on the Vireo Tokensale and contact Vireo at

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