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Team: 6.4

Feasibility: 6.1

Product: 6.1

Overall Rating: 6.2

Short Description: VELPER is an innovative application on Blockchain that combines the functions of a service for online consultations and a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

Category: Internet

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



Our system allows people to get video-consultations from specialists on any issue, or on the contrary - to become assistants and earn VLP tokens at any convenient time. All services within the system are paid with company's tokens (VLP) according to the current exchange rate. Built-in cryptocurrency wallet allows to store purchased or earned tokens, make money transfers between users and convert tokens into most popular cryptocurrencies without creating additional accounts. The beta version of an app is already available in the AppStore and right now it is being tested by users. Unlike classical ICO model, where the promised program is implemented only after the completion of the crowdsale, VELPER offers new model of ICO, that breaks process of token sale for several rounds (tiers). Having collected the necessary amount at each stage, team fulfills promised points of its program, and only after that launches a new stage of financing. This allows investors to see real activity of the company, and the team get an opportunity to resolve trust issue and warm up investor interest. Let’s consider an example:At the first stage of crowdfunding project team offers to purchase 15% of their tokens at a price of $ 1 per token, in order to put collected funds into product development. Imagine that during the first month you bought company's tokens for $ 100. Already on the second tier token will cost twice as much, and you can sell 20% of your tokens for $ 40. During the third tier, 20% of your tokens will already cost $ 80, on fourth 15% of tokens can be sold for $ 120, and on fifth - 10% for $ 200. Thus, by investing only $ 100 during the first stage, you’ll get $ 1140 regardless of the listing on the stock exchange, in addition, 35% of the tokens still remain with you. Payment with: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), other cryptocurrenciesToken: VLPTotal amount of tokens: 1 000 000 000 VLPTokens for sale: 500 000 000 VLPToken Price: 0.0001 ETH за один токен #Tier 1 – 15% (march 2018)75 000 000 tokens for 0,00001 ETH Goal: product development, legal documents, start of sales. #Tier 2 – 20% (may 2018)100 000 000 tokens for 0,00002 ETHGoal: product release, sales promotion, marketing/advertising campaign.Description of the stages of ICO #Tier 3 – 20% (july 2018)100 000 000 tokens for 0,00004 ETHGoal: global marketing/advertising campaign, sales promotion in 5 countries. #Tier 4 – 20% (november 2018)100 000 000 tokens for 0,00008 ETHGoal: sales promotion in 12 countries, introduction of new technologies. Listing on cryptocurrency exchange (november 2018) #Tier 5 – 25% (march 2019)125 000 000 tokens for 0,00020 ETHGoal: sales promotion in 35 countries. In the nearest future we plan to hold the first round of ICO, so we would like to draw public’s attention to our project. We want to publish our ICO on your resource and get an evaluation of our project. Could you please tell us the details? We are always open for cooperation and new proposals.

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