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Vaultitude (formerly called IPCHAIN Database) is a blockchain-based IP protection & management software solution that revolutionizes the protection of innovations and all forms of intellectual

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2018-30-09 - 2018-31-10
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Team: NYR
Feasability: NYR

Due to its notary like characteristics the Blockchain awards actual proof of authorship. That is the basis for both defending IP rights such as copyrights or being qualified to receive awarded rights such as patents. Vaultitude is in line with regulatory requirements of the industry can revolutionize a sector which rightly has already identified Blockchain as a great candidate for improvement, but has been waiting for the right solution to emerge. The IP market numbers 2.5 milion patents that are filed each year as well as many millions of trademarks, defensive publications and hundreds of millions of scientific publications. It is a multiple billion $ market.The team knows top players (WIPO, EPO, EUIPO, USTIPO, DENNEMEYER, etc…), entertains official partnerships with many of those and leading global law firms. The project is supported by WIPO – highest authority in the world for Intelectual property and shows the potential that IP industry sees in this project for addressing existing challenges. Two former WIPO directors are on board as advisors as well as technology transfer managers of universities and pharmaceutical companies. Vaultitude is being presented at WIPO, WTO, EPO, EUIPO, LESI, IEEE events around the team’s founders advise the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and all major patent offices will work with the software. CNBC will broadcast a TV special on Vaultitude to 110 million households in Q3. A demo is already released on the official website and Vaultitude v1.0 will be finished and released before the ICO which will happen end of Q3 2018.Of a total of 15 millions tokens 10 million will be available in the ICO with a bonus available to early investors. As a true utility token the “IP” token will be required to use Vaultitude’s services.

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