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Token Sale Details1 Billion VAD “Verified Ad” Tokens will be created after the token sale is conducted. VAD is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum Network, and will fuel the first iteration of the Varanida Network, before the Varanida Blockchain goes live, running on its own blockchain and fueled by a dual token model.

Soft Cap: 8M€Our soft cap of 8M€ corresponds to the minimum amount needed to release our mainnet by the end of 2019. If we don’t raise at least this amount, the project wouldn’t have enough support to get off the ground, so we would reimburse all participants, and our own investment of time and money in the pre-ICO phase will be lost.

Hard Cap: 39.70M€Our hard cap of 39.70M€ (discounts included) corresponds to the ideal budget needed to release our mainnet in Q2 of 2019, and also have a strong impact in the space (hiring the best available talent, including the potential acquisition of existing technology and teams, etc.). In a scenario where we are over the soft cap but under the hard cap, all unsold tokens will be burned to equilibrate the liquidity (this would be applied to allocations on a pro-rata basis).

How To Participate In The VAD Token Sale

To participate in the Token Sale, you will need to request an invitation here:, and then register in our dedicated ICO platform. Note that we will NEVER ask you to contribute outside of the ICO platform.Once registered, you will be provided with a unique BTC address that you can use to contribute. For Round 1 only, you can also be provided with a unique ETH address to contribute to. This process allows better transparency for contributors and auditors.

Token Allocations

Token Sale: 67% (670M) — Sold to Users, Publishers, and Advertisers

Team: 15% (150M) — 2 years vesting, with a 1 year cliff

Company Reserve: 12% (120M) — 4 years vesting, at 25% per year

Advisors: 3% (30M) — 6 month hold bonus

Community: 3% (30M) — Includes 2% for the Airdrop currently running through the Varanida Extension (Airdrop Details)

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