Valorem Foundation ICO

Valorem Foundation
Verified ICO

We’re building a reserve lending platform for multi-party transactions across multiple industries.

ICO Ended
2018-01-10 - 2018-06-28
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Valorem Foundation’s goal is to provide an easy to use platform, for the mainstream as well as the crypto community. Valorem Foundation’s VLR token is the utility token for this ever-changing platform.

Valorem Foundation is developing a unique platform with the following features: Microloans, Student Loans, Car Loans, P2P Networks, Business Investing, Crowdfunding, Buying/Selling of goods, Insurance and Charity. We accept ETH, BTC, USD via PayPal and Top 30 AltCoins Exchange

Soft Cap $5M USD

Hard Cap $15M USD

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Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...

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