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Team: 7

Feasibility: 6.5

Product: 6.5

Overall Rating: 6.67

Short Description: VALENA-SV is already successful and existing business. Valena-SVCoin is a Blockchain technology, which integrate in real time the manufacturer of Vlena-SV, distributors, industrial enterprises, logistics companies, construction companies with a large set of special equipment, car owners, and laboratories, which testing the state of lubricant.

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The applying of unique additives Valena-SV ensures significant savings in operating costs among industrial equipment, machinery and reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and also the man-made environmental impact. The development of Valena-SV is supported by leading scientists from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and MOSCOW AUTOMOBILE AND ROAD CONSTRUCTION STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (MADI). Valena-SV received a "Green Certificate" from the organization "Green Patrol" of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Valena -SV received approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation. Bench tests were conducted and certification of EU was obtained. Receiving permits from automakers will give an opportunity to enter in the world markets of additives and oils, which the aggregate volume is more than $ 70 billion and grows annually.

• VALENA-SV is already successful and existing business

• The project is based on two signicant discoveries of world importance

• Experience in sales and production is more than 10 years

• Customer base is more than 22 000 companies

• Creating an international brand

We have already collaborated with:

• PJSC Polyus Gold

• Gazpromneft-Lubricants LTD

• GBU Moscow Highways


• OAO Generation Company, Lenin Generation

Pre-sale has already startedThe date of the ICO is in June 2018.

HARD CUP is 91 000 000 $The SVCoin token is $ 2.5 during the ICO

Special conditions for funds and angel investors: From 250 thousand $1 SVCoin - 1 $+ exclusive rights to sell tokens

Economy of the token:

• SVCoin tokens are provided with the goods. The SVCoin tokens can be exchanged for any Valena-SV product.

• The whole dealer network uses SVCoin tokens for mutual settlements.

• The increase of demand for SVCoin tokens is guaranteed by the more protable circumstances for the purchase of Valena-SV products using Valena-SV tokens. The purchase price using SVCoin tokens is lower by 25%.

• The quantity of tokens is limited (65 million SVCoin tokens), and the market volume is more than $ 70 billion and grows annually.

• SVCoin tokens will be sold on the main world exchanges by the end of 2018.

• Redemption of tokens will be occurred when the project is payback.

• Hi-solutions implementation into the elds of other suppliers.

Successful factors for ICO:

• International energetic team

• Cooperation agreement with ICO BROTHERS, Bar Association GRAD, BAZAR ICO

Country originated - Russian Federation

Additional guarantee for the investors is the redemption of tokens.

For the participants of the fundraiser will be available — 52 740 000 tokens SVCoin (81%). These tokens will be implemented in the framework of the Pre-Sale Pre-ICO, ICO in the future, and implemented referral program. On Bounty — reward for PR-activities (signatures on the forums, keeping those in the local languages, translation of documents into local language, publications in social networks, blogs, etc) provided — 660 000 tokens SVC (1%). 6 000 000 SVC (9%) reserved for external consultants and individuals providing support in the early stages. 5 600 000 SVC to remain in the Fund Valena-SV. Some of them will be distributed among the team members (with the restriction of the sale), also these tokens will be need it to implement additional marketing strategies, the expansion of the team and further development of the company within the 10-year strategy.Our team:Team member names, social media links:

Peter Leschinskiy / CEO / Viktor /

Director of Development / Sorokin /

Project Manager for Implementation of Blockchain / Strelkov / IT

Project Director / Baliad /

Development Director Asia Pacific Market Hae /

Development Director at Chinese and Korean Markets / Packe / Sales

Director in Germany / Nazer /

Director of Sales Development in India and the Middle East / Eugene /

Sales Director in Russia and CIS Countries / Oralndo /

Sales Director Italy / Tuchynskiy /

Investment Advisor / Kotov /

Public Relations / Registration by invitation only!

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