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Team: 6

Feasibility: 6.2

Product: 6.2

Overall Rating: 6.13

Short Description: Trivver's revolutionary technology allows ad agencies, networks and advertisers to create and run ad campaigns in extended reality environments.

Category: Banking

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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Trivver's ad exchange serves branded content to targeted audiences in extended reality environments, by seamlessly integrating 3D models of the brands, Branded Smart Objects.


RVR is the currency of the Smart Object Economy -provided in the form of a bounty by Trivver to developers for creating Low Volume Generic Smart Objects (GSOs) for the Smart Object Catalog; and required as payment to Trivver by developers for the right to author High Volume GSOs. In return for authoring High Volume GSOs developers earn royalties whenever revenues are generated by that Smart Object - from a publisher using the GSO to build XR content or by an advertiser using the GSO to create a Branded Smart Object (BSO) for use in an ad campaign.750 TRVR = 1 ETH


Simply visit the official website, sign up, get whitelisted, then complete your purchase.Complete our quick KYC & receive access to the TRVR dashboard where you can easily purchase TRVR tokens.

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