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Short Description: The Trends Project (Trends) was created for the current and future generations of digital currency users.

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Trends assists users in correctly making their first decisions in the cryptocurrency market. Investing and trading have always been risky for the unaware, even before the recent popularity of cryptocurrencies people have inadvertently lost money on bad choices, investing poorly, on whims, bad news sources, and even poor advice. Unfortunately, even in the cryptocurrency market people continue to invest into projects without solid foundations or fundamentals that will ultimately lose money. New traders are a necessity for market growth. However, while inexperienced traders bring new money to the cryptocurrency market, they often make uninformed decisions. Poor decisions lead to negative experiences, which reflected in social media and friend groups. Indeed, bad experiences lead to the cryptocurrency market sometimes being called an unpredictable “wild west” (unregulated and wild). However, the cryptocurrency market is not dissimilar to any other market and follows predictable movements. The similarity between the cryptocurrency markets and others is where The Trends Project comes into the use. In any market, there are always analysts working in the background. The analysts follow movements and read charts to apply techniques called technical analysis. Technical analysis attempts to find certain patterns that indicate movements or trends in the market. However, very few are actually capable of doing this successfully. Our platform is designed to let you become like a real analyst without the complexity of learning it by yourself. Trends will guide and help you to learn why and how. The question of “do I invest in a certain currency?” shouldn’t feel foreign after using the Trends platform.The Trends Project will offer users the largest cryptocurrency information platform available that will become an extremely important information source for all traders both new and experienced.The Trends Project believes information on effective trading should be available for everyone or any age or background to learn and follow. We will offer: Unique content creation, which consists of technical analysis guides, how to’s, tips and tricks from the pros, and live-streams from our expert TA’s taking you step by step through the process of market analysis.

Constant Consensus Tracking

Our 24-hour live news-feed will offer you a non-stop feed of articles that can be customized to completely match your portfolio, or just to provide a general overview of the current cryptocurrency market.Once an user clicks an article, they will have: a complete view of the mentioned coin, price charts, automated technical analysis, important historic price changes, and a consensus tracker showing how the general feel about that particular coin is. The consensus tracker calculates its score from the ratio of positive/negative articles about that coin. Articles used in calculations include actual press releases, Reddit posts, and all other social media publications. Article quality is used to produce a weighted average score.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the most important thing to have for a trader. We offer a fully integrated portfolio management system which will track real time prices of your favorite cryptocurrencies. The system will also include buying and selling functions to create a precise portfolio that shows average profit made, coin-specific profit in percentage/fiat, and general profit in percentage/fiat. The consensus tracker is also useful in portfolio management. Saved cryptocurrencies will show a consensus percentage next to them. The percentage provided by the consensus tracker gives insight into the general impression towards this coin in the crypto community. The data provided by the consensus tracker will help you decide when to buy or sell. For example, if the consensus value is above average you could view the news section for that cryptocurrency and identify what has triggered a change in public impression. The function of this can also be used to help identify when negative changes occur in the general impression of the cryptocurrency. The portfolio management system will allow you to easily track the markets general impression (feeling) towards your cryptocurrencies of interest – an important part of knowing when to buy, sell, or hold.

Anonymous Portfolio Tracking

The Trends Project also offers a way for users to make their portfolio shareable (A.K.A., publicly anonymous) so others can see your portfolio improve. A shared portfolio does not provide any personal details of the portfolios owner. The advantage of a publicly anonymous portfolio is new opportunities are shared easily between other potential investors.Arbitrage OpportunitiesArbitrage trading can earn profit, but it is often difficult to monitor multiple exchanges. The number of exchanges continues to expand and there are often multiple trading pairs per cryptocurrency. It is incredibly difficult and time-consuming to track everything at once. The Trends Project offers a solution to this problem. We track hundreds of exchanges in real-time to quickly find arbitrage opportunities for our users. Our algorithm will find significant price-differences in cryptocurrency pairs on different exchanges so that they can easily be bought in one place and sold in another with profit. This arbitrage feature is a must-have game changer for traders.

Premium Content

Premium content is content with limited tier access. This content includes, but not limited to, technical analysis tutorials, educational videos, press passes, positions in community engagement projects, and ceremonies. The Trends Project aims to build a strong community providing an opportunity to access material that enhances their trading and learning experience.The moment an user creates their account with Trends they will be able to form their own investment profile. Through the use of user friendly pre-set options you will be able to tell us exactly what information you want to receive. It is completely personalised.Your investment profile will tell us:

Preferred Holding Approach

Do you prefer long-term holdings or short-term holdings?


Select whether you want to invest in rather ‘safe’ coins with minimal and slower growth, or more volatile coins that swing daily and have volatile growth.

Favorite Coins

You will get customized advice depending on your specified coins while being considerate of your investment profile. Favorited currencies may be the opposite, e.g. risk, of your usual trading profile, when this occurs it will be clearly marked. When your favorite currency advice is being sent to you, it will be made clear that it is different or against your usual trading profile preference.

Professional Technical Analysis Alert (PTAA)

The Trends Project has selected and partnered with the best analysts worldwide. Our analysts have proven track records and proof-of-profit. Our analysts provide our users with the best opportunity at making profits in the cryptocurrency market. The results of PTAA will also be shown in users’ anonymous portfolios. When profit is made as a result of PTAA, the portfolio will display which technical analyst (TA) provided the information for the trade. On completion of a general investment profile, notifications will begin to be received, which are custom-tailored to your profile. Notifications can be received in browsers, desktop wallet notifications, or through our mobile wallet app.We will offer integrated trading API’s to trade as soon and convenient as possible.Thanks to our portfolio management combined with our PTAA system, Trends can monitor our Technical Analysts. The system can track the results of TA’s by looking at: ROI, risk profile, holding terms, and average weighted profit made by users following their PTAA. The results of Technical Analysts will be used in an integrated tier system. Higher TRND token holders will be given better access to exclusive content and the high-end performing analysts. Technical analysts are sorted into ranks depending on performance. Performance is estimated by: ROI, risk profile, holding terms, and average weighted profit made by users by their PTAA.

How does holding the TRND Token affect TA access?

Example of tier access: A gold user would not have access to our top analysts (e.g. Rank 3), while a diamond holder does. This split of access is a necessity as we want to avoid saturation and potential pump-and-dump situations.The tier access for users also solidifies value in the tokens, which encourages holding. TRND tokens are the only currency usable to access the platform. Tracking of leader-boards for each TA rank allows members to see how other access levels are performing. If higher rank TA are providing, for example a higher ROI, there is higher demand for TRND tokens. Additionally, spots are limited for access tiers keeping the PTAA’s exclusively avoiding a pump and dump culture. We keep our TAs under high expectations of quality and performance to ensure our users receive only an excellent service. We are strict with TA quality control. If a TA falls below their target for the month, they will drop one rank. A strict expectation for performance will motivate TA’s.The TRND token was not created to make profit on its own. However, as an access token its value is directly related to demand for high-quality TA access. Our strict regulations and intense data analysis increases both the quality of TA’s and profit for users.

Technology and Coin Overview

Our Token is based on the ERC-20 technical standard. It is the core access token to the new Trends information platform. We have selected to use a token as creation of a new coin blockchain is unnecessary for its purpose. The token is solely used for access to our platform and services. It will be implemented through the Solidity smart contract with a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) approach. Transparency is important to The Trends Project and we want to know who will be participating in our business as a compliance measure

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