TradeTex (TDX) Token Sale

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Team: 6.6

Feasibility: 6.3

Product: 6.3

Overall Rating: 6.4

Short Description: A commission-free exchange with its own native cryptocurrency

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Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

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TradeTex (TDX) Token Sale

TradeTex is a commission-free exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the TDX token. TradeTex is a zero commission crypto currency exchange with decentralized account balances that governs itself autonomously. Traders speculate on the price of Alt coins against the US dollar, where 1USD = 1TDX. The tick value of each TradeTex market is 1 TDX token, i.e. one needs TDX Tokens to participate in all investment plans which includes Staking, Lending, Alt coin Mining & Trading different cryptocurrencies.

Commission-Free Trading

There are several features that make Tradetex Exchange different from others:

  • Any time withdrawal or buyback at the time of ICO
  • Fixed returns
  • Tokens will be credited within 24 hours
  • Complete exchange before token sale ( ICO launches its complete portal before token sale)
  • 100% dividend
  • Commission free trading
  • Anyone can trade altcoins even at staking and get interest also
  • Complete platform is already launched with exchange, after launching they are going for crowd funding
  • Tradetex is working on model where one gets token immediately after transaction they don’t have to wait for ICO ends

Token Sale Details

  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
  • Price: 1 TDX=1 USD

       Token Sale Rounds

  • Token sale: 8/3/18- 11/24/18
  • Phase 1: Aug 3 to Sep 1 with 50% discount at 0.50$/TDX.
  • Phase 2: Sep 9 to Oct 8 with 25% discount at 0.75$/TDX. Withdrawn TDX at 0.50$/TDX.
  • Phase 3. Oct 16 to Nov 24 with no discount at 1.00$/TDX. Withdrawn TDX at 0.50$/TDX.

For more information on $TDX tokenomics, download pdf here.


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