TradeCloud (TCST) STO Review

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Team: 9

Feasibility: 8.7

Product: 8.9

Overall Rating: 8.87


July 1, 2019 - September 30, 2019

Sale Type: STO

Name: TradeCloud

Short Description: A physical commodity exchange market

Category: Investment

Ticker: $TCST



  • Removes intermediaries from commodity trading process
  • Can build well-organized marketplaces for different products
  • Has been live since 2017 with viable plans to grow
  • Team demonstrates understanding of the commodity trading business

TradeCloud (TC) is a global commodities trading platform.  The TradeCloud platform generates proposals and contracts automatically. The platform then monitors replies to bids, offers and tenders.

TradeCloud also allows users to share documents across the platform to streamline compliance, to chat with other users on a single, secure application and more.

Simplifies the commodity trading process with well-organized marketplaces

The commodities trading market has suffered from a lack of digitalization over the last decade. Demand for commodities continues to rise along with global population, meaning the trading market needs to be streamlined, and fast. A p2p network will help drive business and bring more companies onboard.

Trade activity will also generate important price and volume data. This translates to an opportunity to create commodity indexes.

Has been live since 2017 with viable plans for growth

TradeCloud was launched in 2017 and has amassed 240 member companies in over 39 countries since its inception. Over $1 billion worth of trades have already been conducted on TradeCloud's network. To date, TradeCloud has focused on refined metals and recycled products, but has plants to grow into a multi-commodity platform covering energy and agricultural products.

In the future, TradeCloud could also cover peripheral services like freight and insurance, making the platform a one-stop shop.

Because TradeCloud has been live for nearly two years in its existing iteration, the platform already offers templates for deal-making and contracts.

Team has demonstrated knowledge of the industry 

TradeCloud's executive team includes CEO Simon Collins who has over 25 years of experience in commodities business and managed the Global Refined Metals department at Trafigura for five years. CTO Justin Wilson has more than 25 years of experience in IT and consulting, and has worked for PwC, the European Commission and Goldman Sachs, helping firms define their digital implementation strategies.

TradeCloud's STO regulatory advisor is Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi, who combines exposure to blockchain technology and applications, crypto finance and crypto regulation, with 25 years of experience in the financial industry, in senior risk, compliance, audit and governance positions — 18 years of which was at UBS, including as Head Group Regulatory Relations and as Advisor Group Regulatory Strategy for 10 years.

TradeCloud also has development partnerships with Volo, Corda and Microsoft Azure.

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