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Short Description: What is THEFANDOME’s concept? It’s a multi-functional product with a potential for building new modules up for any kind of fans.

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This concept can be compared with drawings of a very complicated device with thousands of details those work as a single well-set mechanism. The model of THEFANDOME’s evolution into a universal platform for all the interests and hobbies in the world is already painted for years to come. In other words, our idea is not only innovative but also complex, thus no one would be able to copy it fully ‘cause we always would be ahead due to continuous development of THEFANDOME. What else makes THEFANDOME innovative?We developed our own unique style and generated a lot of atmospheric local content those distinguish us from any other product. Geek Codex, fan mythology, fun religions and many more various elements became our hallmark. Besides, we are going to move from a platform with social network features to a virtual government with its own administration those members would be elected by users themselves, with electronic passports and other relevant attributes. It would take audience loyalty to a new level, transforming it into some kind of patriotism.What’s THEFANDOME know-how? All of THEFANDOME’s know-hows relate to our leaning toward FanTech: We consider not only classical hobby types but all the possible interests: from love to a hot sauce or extreme ironing to rare subcultures such as Japanese truckers Dekotora or Mexican dancers Guarachero. We are going to become a virtual government with our own fundamental law and electronic passports. After that, we would establish diplomatic relations with already existed micro-nations and virtual states worldwide. In our opinion, such a format is the future of social networks. It’s a way from audience loyalty to its patriotism. We developed niche features for fans (from a CRM for convention planning to an editor for action figures list) and various more universal FanTech options for mass entertainment. Our platform is totally dedicated to hobbies, interests, and fandoms. One can find on THEFANDOME any pastime people worldwide choose for their enjoyment (even those things no one considers a hobby, although it is: a passion for walking, child-rearing, dreaming before the sleep and so on). We collected and classified thousands of interests, then divided them into themed sections, highlighted smaller areas, and made them fandoms. Our goal is to show the world through the hobbies prism and open people’s eyes to a universe they had no idea about.Worship of idols and fandoms is a part of the basic functionality of the site. And it’s a bright example of FanTech! You can sacrifice a virtual sushi on a virtual altar of a fictional anime character, isn’t it fun? Or you can open a virtual temple for young padawans and preach the Jediism principles to them, isn’t it fun as well? We have a unique and atmospheric content due to our development of a fan mythology, new gods, and stylized Geek Codex. The core of THEFANDOME is a list of different fandoms, each of those represents a certain fictional universe (or, for example, a band in the Music section). But we didn’t stop at that and make fandoms usual categories of hobbies such as types of dogs, activities, food and so forth.What a real problem THEFANDOME is going to solve? Escape from routine is vital for people and the thing they use for it and love to do is always becomes their interest or hobby. No wonders, the entertainment industry is so big and there are millions of fans worldwide. Unfortunately, they all still don’t have original and convenient tools for self-expression within a comfort zone while business for fans needs a fast outreach to customers and opportunity to understand their audience deeply. This exactly problem TEHFANDOME is going to solve. For what purpose you implemented blockchain into THEFANDOME’s system?Since a volume of advertising features a user can open through the key (token) activation depends on indicators of audience quality (site attendance, user activity and so on) suchlike data must be objectified. That’s why we need blockchain, as well as for storing data about ad-campaigns results those commercial clients would be able to rely on while planning their own marketing efforts.How well do we know the industry?We did a fundamental study of various audience segments in the view of their phycology (for example, positive and negative triggers), cultural patterns (slang, traditions and so forth), and regional aspects (localization of terminology or game rules, priorities of the majority, etcetera). After that, we classified all the collected types of interests and hobbies—from kite battles to micro art on the pencil lead—and finally developed our own research methodology with the help of which we continuously expand our knowledge base about the targeted audience and improve THEFANDOME’s promotion scheme due to this information.Besides, we identified not only basic needs of people with various interests but also niche and specific ones those are common to particular fan groups. Building on this, we develop THEFANDOME’s features those meet all the demands of any person with any hobby in the world.Deeply research the audience.We know what it’s like to be a fan from our own personal fan experience, that’s why we can share all the emotions of THEFANDOME users. Live communication with the audience on Comic Con Russia and feedback from beta-users of our portal confirmed our hypotheses about their needs, reactions and triggers. The further study of already existed fan products let us find out unsolved problems and noted them to ourselves.

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