The Fortune Fund

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Team: 6.5

Feasibility: 6.4

Product: 6.4

Overall Rating: 6.43

Short Description: THEFORTUNEFUND will launch its ICO on 12th August 2018 in accordance with its operational provisions. The token allotment is done on the basis of calculations and analysis of the current cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the token distribution and fund utilization is strategically planned to elevate the operations.

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Here’s the detail for ICO and fund structure:

-Token Type – ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain)

Token Symbol- FUN


• In the 1st week of pre-sale, upto 4,444,444 tokens will be sold at $0.80Token Distribution:-87% - ICO Participants7.5% - For Team2.5% - Advertising & Investor Members of the Family1.0% - Legal1.0% - Protection structures and smart settlement0.5% - Advisory Team0.5% - Bounty ApplicationICO Fund Utilization:-98% - Will be used for the investment in The Fortune Fund2% - Will be used for operational costs of running The Fortune FundRoadmapJan – Feb 2018 (Start of The Fortune Fund Platform Development):Developed the concept; conducted thorough back tests to determine fund hyperparameterrs; set wheels in motion to create a compliant legal structure. Mar – Apr 2018 (Develop Smart Trading Contracts):Development of The Fortune Fund Crypto back-end for multi-exchange trading.May 2018 (Finalize Smart Contract & Trading Protocol): Complete smart contract to audit-ready state. Optimized autonomous index trading algorithm to mitigate front-running and slippage. Consultation with industry expert advisors. June 2018 (Test Trading System: Security Audit):Begin security audit and streamline all code ready for final code review process.July – Aug 2018 (The Fortune Fund Public Launch; The Fortune Fund Token Pre-Sale): Token pre-sale. OCO funds utilized to purchase underlying assets.Sep – Nov 2018 (The Fortune Fund Coin ICO):Token ICO. ICO funds utilized to purchase underlying assets.Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 (Acquisitioins & Relationship Building):Initial Top Coin Acquisitions; On-going Marketing & Investor Relations; First Rebalancing Procedure.

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