Our Analysis

Team: 6.5

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.17

Short Description: The ASSTOKEN is a fun project aimed at the loose crowd. We're going to create a telegram/reddit/discord bot for user to tip their friends ASSES. Coin Stats:Total Supply: 325,700,000 (Total USA population of asses)Circulating Supply: 65% (211,705,000)Team Allocation: 25% (81,425,000)Bounty: 10% (32,570,000)Cost:0.01 eth = 690 ASSSES0.10 eth = 6,900 ASSSES0.25 eth = 17,250 ASSSES0.5 eth = 34,500 ASSSES0.75 eth = 51,750 ASSSES1 eth = 69,000 ASSSES10% bonus to all buyers.

Category: Entertainment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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