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Short Description: STEALTH PROJECT - a unique project with the new level of network anonymity. It is a decentralized network ecosystem of a new generation based on the blockchain paradigm and employing state-of-the-art technologies in cryptography and information security.

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  1. Multi-cryptocurrency STEALTH WALLET is developed with strong emphasis on anonymity. It will offer a built-in mixer and users will be able to earn passive income while using it. STEALTH WALLET is a software product developed for managing and storing cryptocurrencies. It aims to simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life as well as offer convenient and secure way of storing your assets in the new financial reality, where STEALTH WALLET features Supports the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cach Etherium Litecoin Ripple Monero Dash Zcash Stelz coin Complete anonymity Highest known level of security Built-in coin mixer (for the currencies that are not initially supported) The possibility of passive, constant income simply by the ownership of cryptocurrency (Participation in a built-in mixer program is required) Private node system similar to TOR, network of private anonymous servers worldwide Instant payments within STEALTH WALLET system Р2Р exchange within STEALTH WALLET ecosystem (similar to ShapeShift)
  2. Self-sufficient anonymous and autonomous network infrastructure is built, similar to Tor. How STEALTH Browser works Our browser will be integrated into STEALTH WALLET with the network designed to operate in the following way: High-level protection and not - Deanonymization through administrative means Deanonymization using malware Deanonymization via timing attacks Deanonymization via vulnerable connection-chain elements Deanonymization via web browser vulnerabilities This is the most reliable part resistant to both active approaches to deanonymization and deanonymization through administrative means. Low speed due to Tor limitations is its main disadvantage. However, we are going to solve this problem by using our own nodes. In the end, any solution will include a proxy for changing IP address periodically. No logs are saved, either known or hidden. A master password is used for encrypting all passwords, so that it is impossible to have a sneaky peek at them in plain text. Other features are to be discussed with the community during the process of browser development
  3. Web content is created, available only from within the STEALTH PROJECT network. Building a grid of private sites within the anonymity network STEALTH PROJECT similar to .onion network You will be able not only to host sites within our network but also to take advantage of our easy-to-use site builder integrated with the STELZ payment system, which would allow as well free exchange of cryptocurrencies supported by STEALTH WALLET. Stelz Coins Emission and Distribution 300 000 000 coins will be issued on ERC20 protocol 10% = 3 000 0000 - PRE-ICO 43 % = 129 000 000 - ICO 30% = 90 000 000 - Currents assets for Wallet operations 7% = 21 000 000 - Bounty & Marketing 10% = 30 000 000 - Founders STELZ coin is divided into 5 digits after decimal point Return on investment STELZ is set to be a success without doubt since over 90000 people signed up to use the wallet at the early private sign-up phase in the Deep Web. According to our estimates, there will be around 1M STEALTH WALLET users by the time of the release, with about 700000 transactions daily on average. The STELZ token is required to support operation of the wallet, so it is a matter of time till its release in December when the token price should rise a few times. Apart from that, we guarantee to buy back 1 000 000 STELZ at $0.5 after the beta- release of STEALTH WALLET on November 1.

* * Tokens will be bought only from the participants of the pre-ICO phase if they choose so Raised funds distribution As the project doesn’t have a soft cap, the release of STEALTH WALLET will occur under any circumstances. A hard cap is equal to approximately $30 000 000 $4 000 000 will be spent on developing STEALTH WALLET on a turn-key basis $10 000 000 will be spent on buying anonymous physical and virtual servers worldwide and building the network similar to Tor (stage of the STEALTH PROJECT) $10 000 000 will be used for the project support for first 2 years (complete financial independence) $6 000 000 is a required liquidity level (operating capital) for the mixer You can buy STELZ with ETH,BTC.

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