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2018-03-05 - 2018-04-30
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

AGS –  The project ” Sol Invictus “is a”Smart farm”! It is based on an integrated information model used by all production operations (CIM, Common Information Model). This allows Investors (Shareholders) to track the result of their capital investments in real time, and staff use Blockchain-technology in the process of technological management of the most advanced agricultural production methodologies! The goal of the project is to feed the mankind and at the same time to make good money!

The task: to produce the widest possible range of food products while minimizing the costs of their production (cost price).

The solution of the task: the creation of an autonomous, deeply integrated agro-industrial complex with a qualitatively necessary and sufficient volume of reproduction of feed for the ripening of poultry, livestock and fish. (broilers, ducks, geese, turkeys, cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, sturgeon fishes, rainbow trout, catfish “Clarias gariepinus”)

Project cost: The maximum total cost of the project – 159 925 327 € или 195 108 989,94 $

The maximum need for financing – 159 925 327 € или 195 108 989,94 $

Minimal need for financing – 80 000 000 € или 97 600 000 $

Number of jobs creat – 1465

Average monthly salary of personnel with deductions to the Fund for the Payment of Labor – 494,27 € или 603 $.Доходность проекта

Competitive advantages:

1. Completely autonomous production, without the need for connection to communications of a social infrastructure. Replacement of these systems with the autonomous modules. (Biomass factory with the gas turbine plant, wind-solar generators)

2. High integration of products: use of technological waste of one production module for creation of products other productions.

3. Strategic reduction of production costs due to deep integration between technological modules, bringing to high profitability: PI=1508,369 of %, IRR = 76%

4. Demand of the made products, both on internal, and on the international markets.

5. Use of innovative technologies in the field of industrial anabolism (use of worms, an amaranth, a hydroponic green forage and germinated grain, as a source of a protein, a lysine and methionine), that significantly increases performance and quality of a commodity product (meat: fowl, beef, pork, goat’s meat; eggs, milk).

6. Use of innovative technologies in case of a construction of a hothouse complex. Hybrid combination of building with animals and the greenhouse allowing to create the principle of “a warm wall” known as «Ivanov’s Solar vegetarium». This design allows to provide the necessary temperature regime in the greenhouse without additional costs for heating. Short list produced of products.

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