Smart City Enterprise

Our Analysis

Team: 6.3

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.1

Short Description: Blockchain based tendering platform for smart technologies.

Category: Infrastructure

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency




Smart City Enterprise digital marketing services will connect buyers with suppliers. Platform will provide to buyers and suppliers Smart solution Rating functionality - a unique LifeBar score - set by ecology and effectivity parameters.Our tendering platform core purpose is to support Ecology, Green and Effective cities. The place, where you want to grow your children up. Blockchain gives a transparence to tendering of Smart Products and eliminate level of corruption.


Project Name: Smart City Enterprise

Platform: Etherium

Symbol: CITY

ICO sale start date: 10/07/2018

ICO end date: 09/10/2018

Soft Cap: 10406 ETH

Hard Cap: 26017 ETH

Total Token Supply: 2528629663

Tokens For Sale: 1643609281

Whitelisting: Required

TOKEN PRICE: 0.00000100 ETH

TOKEN SALE BONUS: During the Auction every day bonus decreasing from 15% to 1%.

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