Showcoin / – international platform of show business ICO

Showcoin / – international platform of show business
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Our goal is to attract investments to go worldwide, to create an international version of our platform, greatly extend its capabilities, do a complete design

ICO Ended
2018-03-19 - 2018-06-10
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

We are going to unite the world base of performers, along with all the available information on casting, projects and jobs in the domain of show business from the entire world, all on a single resource, and we are going to conveniently categorize and classify all that by various criteria to simplify quick search and convenient use. Our platform will enable direct interaction of clients and contractors, without agents or any other intermediaries. To make that possible, smart contracts will be implemented on blockchain to allow such transactions, which will make cooperation between client and contractor as simple and safe as possible. Employers will be able to save time and resources by gaining access to a vast base of specialists and the ability to conduct a casting and interview entirely online. On KTO.TV novice talents will easily find like-minded people and financial support from the community to release their project in the show business, they will gain access to the global knowledge base and their target audience. The platform will be translated and localized in 12 languages and will receive convenient automated functionality for selection of jobs and specialists. To operate the platform we have created our own cryptocurrency Showcoin (SHC). Showcoin is a token and internal currency of KTO.TV, with the possibility of decentralized management of platform development by the community. At the same time, SHC is a cryptocurrency for representatives of the entire world’s show-business. Therefore KTO.TV platform serves as a global base of show business with wide opportunities for work and promotion of absolutely all representatives of show business industry with its own cryptocurrency and decentralized management. Showcoin is a holiday every day! Show must go on!

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