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Team: 6.1

Feasibility: 6.4

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Overall Rating: 6.3

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We combine three core components to revolutionize the Bike-Sharing! And form a community incidentally!

1.) PEER2PEER PRODUCTWe develop our own high security bicycle lock. This gives us the novel possibility of having our bike decentralize and expand sharing. We do not only act as bike sharers ourselves, but as well as a service provider for our customers. With the lock every bike can be rented safely, sustainably and for a fee. Our main focus is this product and the associated necessary technology, because this one offers a huge market strategic advantage, but not only for us, but also for customers. Bikes everywhere: whether mountain bikes or racing bikes and thus not just standardized Bike-Sharer bicycles.

2.) PEER2PEER MARKETPLACEShareLock will provide an integrated marketplace for offering rental and rental bikes. You can place an ad of your bike, which can attract potential customers. Our scope of services in this segment and not the provision of the bike, but the review of potential customers to ensure security and to take over the payment of renter and tenants.

3.) Own Bike-StockIn order to integrate the greatest possible user reach, we are planning to have our own bike fleet for rental provide. We want to improve urban mobility and thus create sustainability for our world. Another nice side effect: The bike theft decreases What do we offer?We offer an uncomplicated and quick solution to rent a bike within a short time. In addition to standardized bikes we would like to offer E-bikes and transport bikes. The built-in technology allows us to drive the bike from and to everywhere. It does not need any awkward docking stations and there are no limits____The ShareLock platform provides a simple interface, designed for sharing adaptation and serves as a bridge between traditional bike sharing and the general bicycle industry. The extensive services offered by ShareLock will provide various key components of the bicycle industry and serve Peer2Peer Bike-Sharing a marketplace, its own product but also its own fleet. We plan to offer a wide range of services that are not available yet. By a user friendly but also user-oriented environment we will enable our customers within a short time a bike while we provide our product but also the possibility to rent his personal bike. Besides to rent safely and for a fee to meet the needs of private and commercial users. Our vision of providing an all-in-one option encourages cyclists' growth, personal health, relieves cities and ensures better climate protection. And offer our customers new possibilities! ____Product Introduction:“Shock is the smartest bike lock ever. With our product we want to change cycling. But not only cycling, but also to reduce the theft of bicycles sustainable. And the most unique: Shock is the very first smart bike lock, which offers the possibility to become a Bike-Sharer and earn additional income!

TokenSale Information:


Takes place from 01. Juni 2018 until 01. Juli 2018.

Pre-sale participants, with at least 13,000 acquired

SHX tokens will receive lifelong: - free use for monthly 50 hours of your own bikes! - 20% discount on all services!


Takes place from 01. JuLi 2018 until 31. Juli 2018.

GENERAL:Price per SHX = 0.05 € + bonus Payment method = Fiat + ETH, BTC

Pre-Sale Hardcap: 5% = 18.750.000 SHX

Main Sale Hardcap: 95% = 356.250.000

SHX Total: 500,000,000 SHXA total of 500,000,000

ShareLock tokens are created, 375,000,000 are sold during our ICO.

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