REPU Platform

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Team: 6.4

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.13

Short Description: REPU is a rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology.

Category: Business Services

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Ticker: $REPU



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The REPU system (shortened from English meaning – reputation) is a revolutionary project that completely rethinks the way social networks are perceived. REPU  expects to replace the system of "likes" with the "REPU rating" - both for users and for companies. The rating, subsequently, can be used as an assessment tool in various areas of any individual’s life - starting with professional skills, financial stability, and ending with all possible aspects of behavior and interaction with the public. REPU is a platform that allows its users (ordinary citizens, companies, employers, recruiters, government officials, law enforcement officials, etc.) to use the rating and feedback system in everyday life. The platform is being developed as a separate project, which in the future is planned to be integrated into social networks (facebook,, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat) and replace the existing system of "likes".

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