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Team: 6.9

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Overall Rating: 6.37

Short Description: This project is a project to innovate the real estate business system of the world by combining Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

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In this project, we will establish the platforms which do not require the existing fees by enabling the individuals to buy and sell the global real estate. Furthermore, we will regard the asset management based on the price expectation using the artificial intelligence as one of the main business.In ICO, we will plan to raise the funds by performing a token sale as scheduled in this white paper. Also, our project team will work on the development and marketing as one,so that we will be able to provide the token purchasers with the returns for cooperation on the project. ICO's financing use is to be used as R & D expenses and settlement currency.We will pay a dividend to holders of REO token, depending on their ownership and period. We will give 30% of the revenue earned from the project content as a dividend to REOtoken holders in either ETH or BTC virtual currency. We are also considering raising the value of the token itself and listing the token on exchanges.Our company has an adviser carrying out the real estate transactions more than 3 billion dollars with the global technical knowledge. REO is the first tokenization project with the strategy introducing a BlockChain technology to the real estate market.The proposal from REO to market players is to use the artificial intelligence and BlockChain technology to provide clear economic incentives to encourage market activation.The proposal from REO to market players is to provide the clear economic incentives to encourage the market revitalization by using the artificial intelligence and BlockChain technology. We will outline the value proposition of REO, marketing strategy, business model, and details of the token distribution in this white paper.It is our mission that the innovative platform of the REO coin supports all people performing the real estate buying and selling.Terms of service We encourage investors who participate in ICO to read the following disclaimer and ICOrisk factors carefully and participate after understanding.Furthermore, anyone who is living in the following country can not participate in this ICO.

1: USA People who match the under the following can not participate in this ICO. This is regulated worldwide. Gangster organizations, antisocial forces, or those who conform to the following considence: People who have no experience of holding cryptocurrency or who have no knowledge incryptocurrency. People who need guardians and assistants People whose investment experiences of securities such as stocks and bonds, derivatives etc. in less than 1 year. People who are trying to impersonate others and join the ICO. This includes representatives who do not comply with the laws of the country of residence.People who want to join ICO should consider these following risks :Price fluctuation risk, fund liquidity risk in the early stage of the project, cyber attack risk,network risk, change of tax and laws risk, and other risks. The content that we describe and attach in this document does not mean it is a definitive,assertive judgment, and in the future this may be changed and modified.The change or modification may occured in our own circumstances even considering the possibility of potential conflict of interests regardless of the interaction of electronic communication,and we do not guarantee the completeness, suitability, social ethics, etc. of the contents.In addition, our company and the sender, the all descriptions of the financial situation,possibilities, business strategies, plans and objectives for future projects, current point in time, the interpretation of legal consistency, etc. disclosed in this material are forecasts of the future and predictions that are not conclusive.As the factors that include future risks and uncertainties in the forward-looking statements,there are a number of factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied. The actual impact of these factors on our results is unpredictable, and most of these factors and their effects are not under our control.Forward-looking statements by these parties are based on the situation at the time the statement or explanation is made. We undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements as a result of new information releases or otherwise, and are not expressly responsible for any consequences. Taking into account these uncertainties potential conflicts of interest, this document specifies that such forward-looking statements,statements, and accompanying information are not entirely encouraged here to be completely relied upon by the recipient of this document. Therefore, we advise that you should consult with the tax adviser of the receipt of this document, the legal affairs of the recipient, etc. for inquiries about individual economic judgment tax.This white paper or REO is not an invitation for investment, nor in any jurisdiction nor recruitment of securities.Available currencies BTC, ETHToken sale periods 5/5/2018-8/4/2018 Issue total 3,000,000,000 REO distribute amount 2,400,000,000 REO

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