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Whitepaper: will conduct a Token Generation Event(TGE) with a soft cap of US$8,888,888.88.’s token is known as the RPG Token.The RPG Token is a digital asset on the NEM blockchain,also known as a mosaic. Blockchip Philippines Inc’s TGE(Token Generation Event) will accept XEM, BTC, BCH,ETH and fiat in the form of USD, EUR, PHP, HKD, KRW,and JPY. All crypto and fiat currencies will be settled on the basis of the exchange rate against the Hong Kong Dollar at the time of acceptance. RPG Tokens will be made available to contributors globally. Contributors to the TGE will be required to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to their jurisdiction. Blockchip Philippines Inc. will honor and comply with the laws and regulations of all countries in which their contributors are domiciled. RPG Tokens will be distributed 45 days after theTGE. At management’s discretion, RPG Tokens may be distributed before the 45 day period. This allows ReadyPlayGo to enter into negotiations with cryptocurrency exchanges to list the RPG Token.The minimum TGE purchase is US$88.88 and contributions will be accepted in XEM, ETH, BTC, USD,EUR, HKD, PHP, JPY, and KRW. The RPG Token can be used directly to play games on the RPG App Store which will include an extra 10% bonus.The RPG Token is not an equity stake in the company and confers no rights or privileges other than ownership of said RPG Tokens. Token holders can remain informed of ongoing activities and progress through our official social media channels. Token contributors of record will also receive regular updates via ReadyPlayGo’s official email groups.


Blockchip Philippines Inc. will distribute 6,666,666,666 RPG Tokens through a Private Sale, a Pre-Sale Offering and a Token Generation Event. There will be a hard cap of US$ 38,888,888.88 for the total offering. Proceeds will be used to fund the core technology and consumer adoption of the RPG App Store. Following are the token distribution dates and terms:

Soft Cap US$ 8,888,888.88

Hard Cap US$ 38,888,888.88

Token Contract Address TBA (It will be published through various channels 48 hours before the official token offering date)

Timing of the Private Sale July 21, 2018 - August 31, 2018

Timing of the Pre-Sale September 1, 2018 at 9:00 AM PHT - September 15, 2018 at 11:59 PM PHT

Timing of the Public Token Offering September 16, 2018 at 9:00 AM PHT - October 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM PHT

Token Offering Period 88 days


27% of the token pool will be made available to the public through the Private Sale, Pre-Sale, and Public Token Generation Event.

Price without Discounts or Bonuses US$ 0.021 / HK$ 0.168 / PHP 1.14

Total Number of Token 6,666,666,666 total RPG Tokens

Number of Token for Sale during the entire TGE 1,815,914,310 RPG Tokens (approximately 27% of total supply)Total Market Cap upon Successful Conclusion +/- US$ 140,000,000.00


222 special blocks of US$ 88,888.88 worth of RPG Tokens with a special 33% bonus = 4,232,803 RPGs + 33% bonus(available ONLY during the Private Sale).


US$ 88.88 + 5%US$ 888.88 + 10%US$ 8,888.88 + 20%US$ 88,888.88 +25%US$ 888,888.88 +30%


The first 222 participants in the RPG Token Generation Event who contribute US$ 88,888.88 worth of RPG Tokens will get a special 33% bonus = 4,232,803 RPGs + 33% bonus. This offer is available ONLY during the Private Sale.

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