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2018-04-28 - 2018-05-28
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What is RACoin?

The primary mission of RAcoin is to make the blockchain technology an essential part of the traditional gambling industry and reach maximum audience to distribute RAcoin as a properly featured gambling cryptocurrency. The first place where you can pay for everything with RAcoin will be “Palau World” — a luxury casino and hotel that will be built on Palau Island. At the same time our team is working on increasing our partnerships network in order to have at least 10 casino and hotels accepting RAcoin by the end of 2019.


Full description of the project:

RAcoin is a universal utility token that successfully meets the needs of both online and offline tiers of modern gambling. RA Entertainment Inc. advocates fair and transparent gaming as well as environmental and natural protection.

The company has already accepted a number of top European gambling and betting services for integrating RAcoin. These companies are excited about the potential of utilizing cryptocurrency within theirgambling systems. Circulating along with fiat, RAcoin will allow customers to freelychoose their preferred way to pay. However, due to low fees for withdrawing money —much lower than for fiat — RAcoin will be more profitable and more convenient to use.


Another great privilege and opportunity of RAcoin is a jackpot participation.

RA Entertainment Inc. believes that gamification techniques will motivate people to learnmore about blockchain and crypto economy.

  • Each participant of the pre-sale and public token sale automatically becomes a participantof the “crowd sale” jackpot. There will be three types of awards:
    • Diamond, 100,000,000 RAC, one prize winner
    • Platinum, 5,000,000 RAC, ten prize winners
    • Gold, 500,000 RAC, one-hundread prize winners


  • 2016:

Blockchain technology knowledge accumulation, learning, and development.

  • 2017:

Gathering project team and marketing research. Online gambling development, negotiation process with a number of casino companies on implementation ofblockchain technology including blockchain payment method. Preparation for officialcompany registration.

  • January 2018:

Registration of legal entity RA Entertainment Inc., cooperative game development and integration of blockchain technology.

  • February 2018:

Preparation for RAcoin token sale, website launch, shipping construction materials and labor force required for beginning construction on Palau.

  • March 2018:

RAcoin pre-sale stage.

  • April 2018:

RAcoin public token sale stage, start of construction.

  • May 2018:

RAcoin listing on exchanges, wallet software release.

  • June 2018:

RAcoin online casino launch. Token integration.

  • 3Q 2018:

Marketing, development of RAcoin community, attracting customers, extending partnerships network.

  • 4Q 2018 / 1Q 2019:

Attracting customers,extending partnership network.

  • 2Q 2019:

Founding of the environmental protection department.

  • 3Q / 4Q 2019:

Run extensive advertising campaign.

  • 1Q / 2Q 2020:

Founding of hi-tech research center, conducting studies of how blockchain, AI, big data and robots can enrich entertainment, in particular, the gambling industry.


Distribution of the tokens – the whole ICO Stage


  • 15% pre-sale
  • 25% main sale
  • 10% Angel investment
  • 10% team
  • 20% foundation
  • 10% RA Entertainment Inc. Lab
  • 5% advisors
  • 4% bounty & marketing
  • 1% token sale jackpot


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  1. Bounty \ Airdrop links


Register in dashboard ( ) and fill your personal data in settings section and receive 1000 RAC


Participate in bounty program on

  1. Price for token

1 ETH = 100,000 RAC

  1. Accepted cryptocurrency

Available ways to purchase RAC: BTC, ETH

  1. Bonuses of ICO Phases \ Stages

Token sale discounts: 1–50 ETH: +5% of RAC 50–100 ETH: +10% of RAC 100 ETH and more: +25% RAC

  1. Supporting KYC \ Whitelist


  1. Exchange where token will be placed

Not defined yet

  1. The list of restricted countries for participation

RAcoin tokens have not been registered and will not be registered under the laws of the countries whose legislation is against ICO and/or cryptocurrencies (‘Restricted Zones’), and will not be offered for sale in these countries or in the interests of these countries’ citizens.

  1. Team Members list – full names, positions and LinkedIn profiles

Alex Gusev CEO

Alex Kosenko Managing Partner

Eugene Potemskyi Lead Developer

Eric Song Head of Marketing

Michelle Prochnowa COO

Ross Clarke CTO

Pedro Guerrero Chief Sustainability Officer

Yuliya Chashchina Development of international relations partner

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