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QUASA ICO Review and Analysis

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Team: NYR
Feasability: NYR

4 Weeks, 6 Day(s) Left
2018-02-15 - 2018-03-26
QUASA - The Decentralized Platform of Cargo Transportation. QUASA platform offers innovative solutions based on the introduction of blockchain technologies to supply chain management.Features: The functions of the system are designed to protect cargo owners and carriers through the blockchain and the smart-contract technology in order to eliminate possible problems related to trust, information barriers, and legal costs. The target audience of the service operates in b2b, b2c and even c2c models.QUASA involves several suppliers and carriers in order to secure step-by-step integration of all the participants of the supply chains into the delivery platform.QUASA issues 62,445,870 QUA tokens.QUASACoinTokens will become the necessary condition for using the service. Paying services with tokens helps to obtain a 5-10% discount. This applies both to transportation services for cargo owners and consulting services for shippers.Token owners will be able to choose the direction for the development of the service. In other words, they have the right to make proposals and vote for the realization of new functions in the service. Besides, token owners will get a discount for using their tokens depending on the share of their contribution to the development of new functions. QUA tokens sold at ICO are planned to be purchased back from their owners at a market price.Monetization of QUASA services takes place in the form of a payment at the last stage of each successful delivery and immediately increases the demand for tokens.We have different ways to influence the growth in the value of QUA: each connected company is an information guide, every successful one is an even larger, louder information guide. Each time some company starts using QUA is positive news. We are planning to connect many such companies, and hence there will be a lot of positive news. We will always be the subject for discussion and thus will be able to influence the rate.The value of our currency will be backed by real services offered by QUASA platform which is going to change the world’s perception of cargo transportation.That is why we have absolutely no doubt that everything is going to be great. It can be proved by our decision to freeze our own QUA for half a year from the date of preICO.We settle the rules of circulation which will stimulate the demand due to unique services and privileges for the users, excluding the limited emission.After the termination of ICO, additional tokens will be automatically given to Founders, Team, and Bounty members.The volume of the raised funds (ETH, USD) is ETH 15,623 = (USD 18,747,500 at the rate of USD 1200 / ETH).For convenience and due to constant ETH fluctuation, the rate has been chosen at the level of 1 ETH = $1200.The total number of QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens is 50,769,000From the total amount of 62,445,870 QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens intended for the general emission QUASA will submit 50,769,000 tokens for the sale through ICO at various price levels. 65% formation of services described in the previous section;hiring of new employees and bearing the expenses related to the corresponding development;elaboration of the infrastructure for developing a logistics market 2.0 as well as developing the member community;17% - overheads for launching preICO and ICO, bonuses for the developerslegal costs and other bureaucratic expenses;bonuses for the founders and for the developers of the platform;repayment of borrowings used for creating the platform;10% return on investments made by investors on the earliest stages of project;8% - payment of PR services used at preICO, ICO, and Release stages.

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QUASA ICO Review & Analysis:

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