Qonexa (QNX) ICO

Qonexa (QNX)
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Qonexa is a platform built by the world's top developing, managing and advertising team.

ICO Starts in 5 Day(s)
2018-01-21 - 2018-02-28
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We are working here 24/7 to provide our customers with brand new features and make them feel comfortable with our services. Our new cryptocurrecy asset is now in its initial stage and we are offering this asset ‘QONEXA’ at a very low rate with different bonuses in our ICO crowdsale.

In future we would work in different industries with the cryptocurrency industry such as education programs on cryptocurrencies- it’s trading and mining, charity programs for the lower strata of the society, earning through gaming and casino system will also be introduced for the interests of our customers.

We have the incentive to make ‘QONEXA’ the biggest currency used for digital transactions and online exchange of commodities from the e-commerce sites all over the world.

We are accepting ETHEREUM and BITCOIN as payment methods in our crowdsale. Our ICO is unique for us and it is dedicated to all those who are willing for a safe secure and stable digital transaction method and we aim to make peoples all around the world trust on cryptocurrencies and use them as the transaction mode for them in their day to day needs. We want to make all e-commerce sites accept cryptocurrencies like QONEXA as their method of exchanging their products/services.

Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...

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