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About the DeveloperMulTra GmbH, founded 2014, based in Frankfurt, Germany, realizes innovations with disrupting business models in new arising markets and meets trends at the

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2018-02-19 - 2018-02-12
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

The expertise, passion, spirit, and discipline of the MulTra Team create measurable impact by providing digital solutions that can be easily plugged into existing business models and enable clients to serve their consumers profitably with value-added services and products from their existing portfolio. The clients of MulTra GmbH include renowned companies, such as Deutsche Bank, Samsung, Huawei, BMW, GlaxoSmithKline, Lenovo and Johnson & Johnson. In 2015 and 2017 the digital content products of MulTra GmbH have been multi-awarded by the European Commission. Pumped | The New Content EconomyNow, MulTra GmbH has developed the concept of the Pumped Economy. Part of it is the Pumped App that offers its users an appealing way to consume and share digital news content from the internet. While streaming services for music and movies have developed commercially viable services for providing online content, online news providers got stuck. They did not convince consumers that good quality content pre- supposes a fair remuneration. Consumers either rely on free content or move away from professional journalism and absorb more fake news. Publishers are eager to find a sustainable business model for providing high-quality content. Exchange with publishers has shown us the way to develop the Pumped Economy as such a model.Consumers of news content are gently nudged into the appreciation of quality news content by habituation of users towards well-investigated news from trustworthy sources. Through a pump / dump feature, users create a specific profile that content creators can use to provide them with targeted information. MulTra GmbH creates an ecosystem in which the information providers are offering Pumped App users incentives to participate in creating user profiles. They get rewarded for their continued consumption and sharing of content by the allocation of MulTra Token (MTT).The MTT can be used to purchase paid content from publishers and any products distributed on the Pumped Rewards Platform. Publishers must deposit MTT as a reward to run a monetization campaign in Pumped. The Pumped multi-layered process enables publishers to monetize their content, while consumers do not need to pay from their pocket. Funds raised in this Initial Token Offering (ITO) will essentially cover the costs of creating, developing, and operating the future infrastructure of the Pumped Economy. ITO participants will receive 500 Million of the created MTT. MTT will also be listed on third-party exchanges.Join us and be part of Pumped – the new content economy! The Pumped system is technically robust: The MTT solidity code and the smart contract got an immediate positive response from the Ethereum Community, 12,000 peers endorsed them immediately upon release. The Pumped ITO follows a KYC and AML compliance process and was submitted to the regulatory authority.

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