PropPush/PropPush Token Sale ICO

PropPush/PropPush Token Sale
Verified ICO

PropPush is results oriented online service to connect property buyers, sellers, renters and agents for faster property transactions.

Ends TBA
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Today hundreds of thousand property alerts have been distributed through PropPush in five different countries.In countries where properties are sold/bought/leased primarily through non-exclusive local property agents, it is crucial to be able to distribute property details/requirements to as many relevant property agents as possible in order to maximize the likelihood of fast property transaction. Idle properties represent the biggest revenue lost for property market participants. PropPush is a platform to provide solution by distributing real-time information of properties offered and on demand within local markets.The company is planning to transform the current platform (1st Generation) through new generations and ecosystem driven by PropPush token (PSH) based on Stellar blockchain and to revolutionize the property information sharing globally.


– Start Token Sale: TBA

– End Token Sale: TBA

– Acceptable currency: XLM

– Total token issuance: PSH

– Number of tokens offered through Token Sale: 500.000.000 PSH (50%)

– Token exchange rate: 1 XLM = 10 PSH

– Minimum transaction amount: 100 XLM

– Maximum transaction amount: 2.000.000 XLM [if you would like to contribute more, pls contact us for special deal]

– Soft gap: 1.000.000 USD

– Hard gap: 10.000.000 USD

– Bonus program:-> 1. Week: 30%-> 2. Week: 25%-> 3. Week: 20%

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