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Team: 6.9

Feasibility: 6.5

Product: 6.5

Overall Rating: 6.63

Short Description: Properbuz is a free global property marketplace and a social network for the real estate industry, which enables property buyers and renters to find ideal matches for their needs, and is already available in fifteen languages, and in more than 50 countries.

Category: Platform

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



Properbuz is one of several connected platforms centered around Bebuzee. Properbuz aims to decentralize a $217 trillion global real estate market by developing a blockchain-based decentralized protocol which offers other possibilities, more privacy, a more reliable service, and increased security for the real estate industry. The current real estate model is rather disorganized, wherein multiple entities maintain their own databases and data sharing can become very difficult due to the disparate nature of the systems. But as a blockchain can serve as a single shared ledger among interested parties, this can result in simplifying this model by reducing the complexity of managing the separate systems maintained by each entity. The main problem real estate companies face today is that real estate transaction process can take a while before being completed. It still requires a lot of manual work and the operations lack transparency and take a lot of time and money on the interaction with intermediaries. Properbuz blockchain technology will be able to simplify and facilitate the process. It will be the solution to problems relating to real estate such as security, transparency, time and contractual costs. Also it will transform real estate in the following five ways: Disintermediation, Fraud prevention, Money, Time saving, Peer to Peer. Transacting real estate is cumbersome, opaque and expensive because of middlemen: Brokers, Government property databases, Title companies: Insurance and property databases, Escrow companies, Inspectors and appraisers, Notary publics etc. Properbuz ecosystem will disintermediate many of them that means cutting out the middleman. Properbuz tokens is designed to make payments easier, faster and it will be used for all transactions within the ecosystem including the following:

• Pay for featured properties on Properbuz

• Pay for premium listing of properties on Properbuz

• Pay to post real estate industry job on Properbuz

• Pay tradesmen monthly subscription fee

• Pay Removal Company monthly subscription fee

• Pay Property Lawyers monthly subscription fee

• Use your Properbuz coins to create banner advertisement on Properbuz

• Use your Properbuz coins to create advertisement on Bebuzee Adbuz “global advertising network”

• Use your Properbuz coins to create video ad on Bebuzee

• Use your Properbuz coins to promote posts on Bebuzee

• Use your Properbuz coins to pay the estate agents that accepts Properbuz coin for estate agent fees, for selling your house or for rental commission

• Use your Properbuz coin to pay estate agent or private landlord for a rental deposit

• Use your Properbuz coin to pay tradesmen worldwide for the work they have done for you

• Use Properbuz coins to buy property

• Use Properbuz coins for peer to peer lending

• Use Properbuz coins for crowd lending

• Video publishers on Bebuzee will get paid with Properbuz coin for video monetization

• Publishers on Bebuzee Adbuz "global advertising network" will get paid with Properbuz coin

Crypto accepted: EtherFiat: Bank transfer

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