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Short Description: PROOF OF TOSS is a decentralized betting ecosystem that is aimed to modernize the industry. The platform allows anyone to create wagers, bet and judge – all to win TOSS tokens.

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Proof of Toss has started its airdrop program.

The ICO will run from 1/11/19 - 4/11/19.

PROOF OF TOSS caters to existing Bookmakers and other “players” of the field. By providing a solution that serves as a gateway to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the project aims to enhance the betting experience, while increasing the service provider’s profit margins and market coverage.

In the foundation of PROOF OF TOSS lies the Blockchain technology, it brings decentralization, flexibility, reliability, and trust. For the ecosystem to run smoothly, be scalable and retain all the fundamental principles of the blockchain, RSK’s open-source smart contracts platform has been chosen.

As a sidechain of Bitcoin, RSK provides a high level of security by merge-mining that prevents the double-spend problem. RSK scales to 100 transactions per second creating blocks at 10 seconds average interval.The Hard Cap is $50 M, the Soft Cap is $6 M. In case Soft Cap is not reached, all contributions will be returned to the token sale participants.Token: TOSS is a utility token of the ecosystem, that is used to create wagers, place bets and vote on results.

During the Token sale everybody will be able to purchase TOSS tokens based on ERC20, these tokens are subject to exchange for TOSS tokens released on the RSK blockchain in proportion 1:1. TOSS tokens released on RSK will only be distributed to current TOSS token sale participants.

All tokens will be pre-mined in the amount of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) TOSS. Unsold tokens will be distributed amongst all contributors in proportion to their initial contribution.1 TOSS = $0.17 MINIMUM PURCHASE QUANTITY - $50TOSS tokens will be distributed as follows: 30% (300 M TOSS tokens) are reserved for the core team (7%), bounty (1%), whitelist (1%), founders (10%) and 11% for the PROOF OF TOSS Foundation. 70% (700 M TOSS tokens) will be distributed amongst all buyers of Token, according to their purchase, and the bonus that applies.

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