Pre-ICO Nuclus Money (NLM)

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Team: 6.7

Feasibility: 6.2

Product: 6.2

Overall Rating: 6.37

Short Description: For the first time in modern history, the global economy is growing but few are benefiting – until now, sellers have had to hold expensive merchant bank accounts and pay high fees making online business expensive and only profitable with high volume sales.

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The combination of mobile ubiquity and blockchain is unlocking opportunity for prosperity like never before. The Nuclus Platform will be the #1 marketplace for international order fulfillment from Sub-Saharan Africa serving new buyers and realization of commercial goals and objectives of related development programs. The introduction of a digital token Nuclum (NLM) we will stimulate trade between BRICS country and inter-continental African participants as it has no residual effects or distortions i.e. inflation and the transaction is totally completed at the point and time of exchange. We introduce a new economic philosophy to ensure sustainability and to advance equitable opportunities for economic participants during economic growth with benefits incurred by every section of society. Our softcap aim is 2,500 ETH and hardcap 22,000 ETH accepting ETH, BTC and USD.In summary, we have selected the Ethereum Open Source Platform as we believe we can achieve both our commercial and technical targets. We are aware of developments of competing blockchains solving existing scale problems and will monitor evolution as and when they occur.

• 2012 Proof of Concept Online Billing and Collections

• 2014 Minimal Viable Product Billsource® v1.0 MVP

• 2016 Quote to Cash Billsource® v2.0 Q2C

• 2017-'18 Blockchain Disruptive Platforms

• Q3 2018 Pre-ICO Nuclus Proof of Concept

• Q4 2018 Blockchain MVP – Phase 1

• Q2 2019 ICO

• Q3 2019 Commercialization – Phase 2

• Q2 2020 Scale and Grow – Phase 3

• Q4 2020 Blockonomy – Phase 4Pre-ICO

• We will be launching our pre-ICO crowdsale where white list participants will be offered to purchase Nuclus Money or NUCLUM (NLM) at a discounted price.

• 10% of tokens for sale to white listed participants with bonus and bounty• 100,000,000 tokens available @ ETH 0.000025 per 1.0 NLM

• 1.0 NLM = USD 0.01 .

• Our aim is to raise ETH 2500.

• Minimum by-in is 1,000.NLM or just under $103 or approximately ZAR1203.

• Starts Q3 2018 .ICO

• 40% of tokens for sale with bonus and bounty

• 400,000,000 tokens available @ ETH 0.000055 per 1.0 NLM

• 1.0 NLM = USD 0.02 .

• Our aim is to raise ETH 22,000.

• Minimum by-in is NLM 1,000.

• Scheduled Q4 201814.Bonus and Bounty

• 5% of tokens for sale with bonus and bounty

• 50,000,000 tokens


• 15% of tokens to Team

• 150,000,000 tokens

Reserve for Platform

• 30% of tokens towards as and when users sign up to the system as rewards and for exchange

• 300,000,000 tokens

Planned Token Sale

Over the next 16 to 20 weeks, we will be heavily invested in the following tasks :

-1. Initiate a rigorous process to validate our business strategy;

2. Scrutinize and socialize our economic model while finalizing our project plan;

3. Expand into detailed planning and introducing banking, tax and legal advisory services as well as the incorporation of the legal entity;

4. Compiling a more comprehensive marketing and sales strategy;

5. Establishing the final legal, operational, governance and accounting frameworks and relevant issuance of sale documentation;

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