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Team: 6.4

Feasibility: 6.1

Product: 6.1

Overall Rating: 6.2

Short Description: Global decentralized marketplace for the secure and transparent buying and selling of personal data, made in Germany. A major breakthrough in data trading - directly connecting companies and consumers by enabling a direct exchange of personal data.

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Category: Tourism

Website: https://opiria.io/

Whitepaper: https://opiria.io/static/docs/Opiria-PDATA-Whitepaper.pdf

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The Opiria-Platform enables consumers to create a passive income stream by monetizing their personal data. Companies can buy personal data directly from consumers to understand their needs and requirements and to design better products and services. PDATA Token is the currency that expresses the value of personal data and enables its trading by using smart contracts on the blockchain. Personal data is the oil of the 21st century and a 250 billion USD/year industry. Opiria platform will connect consumers and companies globally and become the world´s largest decentralized personal data marketplace. The PDATA token will be issued based on the Ethereum blockchain. Opiria-Platform and PDATA token create a global decentralized marketplace for the secure and transparent trading of personal data. Companies need PDATA tokens to buy personal data directly from consumers. Consumers are compensated for their personal data with PDATA tokens, allowing them to create a passive income stream by selling the data they naturally produce every day. This is how the PDATA token puts a tangible value on personal data. By exchanging PDATA tokens, consumers can cash out and receive fiat currency directly into their bank account.Consumers can also invite other users and receive PDATA tokens when they sign up to the platform.If a consumer holds more PDATA tokens than another consumer, he is more likely to receive a "personal data request” from a company earlier than consumers with less PDATA tokens. This gives consumers that keep a larger pool of PDATA tokens on-hand on average a small time advantage to sell their data to companies.We already have a working product with existing renowned customers such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and GM. The platform we propose is already in use with all clients, minus the blockchain element. In addition to that our platform is designed to be fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. In contrast to that Datum and DataWallet don't have a customer base or a working product. Opiria is the first and only platform that brings together detailed consumer profiling, subjective feedback & opinions from consumers and data from many important objective channels (e.g. web browsing, eye tracking, emotions, data from wearables and smart devices, smartphone usage, online shopping and more). This approach provides companies with the data and insights they need. Datum and DataWallet only focus on few objective channels (mostly social media) and neglect subjective opinions and consumer profiling. Only the combination of objective and subjective data and a precise consumer profile makes personal data valuable!

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