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Website: https://www.p2psf.org/

Whitepaper: https://www.p2psf.org//wp-content/uploads/2017/12/P2PS_Whitepaper_V1.1_English.pdf

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P2PS is the world's first blockchain-powered, secure, pure peer to peer, interference-free, digital communications platform designed for everyone with a need to securely exchange digital data such as private data, medical records, banking data & government classified data, among other sensitive digital exchanges. Such platforms today are simply nonexistent.

When did the development start? It all started as the Push System back in 2010. The secure, interference-free, digital communications platform has been thoroughly researched and developed over the last eight years. What are the benefits of P2PS? P2PS safeguards highly sensitive digital information and assets from anyone who is not supposed to be privy to access of such information by eliminating any third party interference through its proprietary network and platform.

What does P2PS aim to achieve? P2PS endeavors to build an extremely secure and strong network of interference-free communication systems with faster processing and a perpetual record of transactions through blockchain integration. This process also streamlines financial actions into efficient and highly secure processes.

What is the problem P2PS are attempting to solve? Anything that you exchange digitally with anyone, anywhere, is not private by any privacy standards; including information exchanged on your "private" intranet corporate networks. We are attempting to solve one of the biggest problems related to data security and privacy that has been identified as a global problem that is costing the world no less than about $500 Billion annually. Data security is extremely important to ALL banking institutions, government establishments, medical industry as well as corporate institutions. The biggest challenge encountered today is transferring sensitive digital information and assets from point A to point B without any other person having any kind of access to it.

Is your solution scalable on a global level? The biggest worry of any CEO or CIO heading a business with sensitive digital transactions today is the high cost of data security. Currently, the cyber security breaches around the world have a huge cost associated with them that run into hundreds of billions of dollars annually. On the one hand, with everything in our day to day lives transitioning into the digital world, the risk of hackers gaining control of everything digital has increased by several hundred folds compared to just a decade ago. On the other hand, the vulnerability to digital data and its security has also seen a manifold increase with several hours of productive employee time being spent on having a high focus on trying to safeguard sensitive digital information.

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