Officium (OFC)

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Team: 8.5

Feasibility: 7.7

Product: 7.7

Overall Rating: 7.97

Short Description: Officium is the world leading decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace for trading services.

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Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

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Officium is global project, which tries to simplify interaction between sellers (service providers/freelancers/vendors) and buyers (purchasers) on the internet. This interaction will take place at Officium platform, created and intended for all freelancers and sellers worldwide. Officium platform represents decentralized ecosystem where users can offer their services at the global level. Officium is hoping to raise 25,000 ETH by offering 350,000,000 Officium Tokens.

Funds raised will be used to develop the global Officium Platform. Our platform offers a great opportunity for all freelancers and service providers, who are interested in providing their services worldwide from the single place. Officium company integrates all needed instruments for the propagation of its users at the global level. One of the main Officium’s attributes is the usage of blockchain technology, which assures platform’s transparency, safety and openness for both sale contracts’ parties. At the same time, usage of blockchain also enables our platform to offer lower transaction costs, shorter period of the transaction’s realization, lower business costs and the overall simplification of the selling process itself. Officium Token will be issued on the basis of the Ethereum platform. Our Ethereum based token will be created under ERC20 standard.

The Ethereum based tokens take a number of advantages of Ethereum. The sale of Officium Tokens (OFC) to support and develop the Officium ecosystem will be carried out with the help of a smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain.

Participants wishing to support the project will be able to purchase Officium Tokens for ETH. The total number of Officium Tokens is limited. The sale of Officium Tokens will take place during ICO token sales.

Token sale details

1. July 2018 until 25. August 2018. 70% of the tokens will be offered during token sale.

Total supply: 500,000,000 (500 Million)

Total ICO sale: 350,000,000 (350 Million)

Soft cap: 5,000 ETH (3,500,000 USD)

Hard cap: 25,000 ETH (17,500,000 USD)

Token symbol: OFC

Standard course: 1 ETH = 14,000 OFC

Start date: 1.7.2018 - 15:00 UTC

End date: 25.8.2018 - 15:00 UTC

Token exchange rates:

Week 1-2: 1 ETH = 19,600 OFC (40% Bonus)

Week 3-4: 1 ETH = 16,800 OFC (20% Bonus)

Week 5-6: 1 ETH = 15,400 OFC (10% Bonus)

Week 7-8: 1 ETH = 14,000 OFC (0% Bonus)

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