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Team: 6.9

Feasibility: 6.5

Product: 6.5

Overall Rating: 6.63

Short Description: Weather meets BlockChain

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OBSR (OBSERVER Coin) is a utility coin that promotes crowd-sourced weather data trading. Individuals earn OBSR by sending personal weather observations, such as air temperature, pressure, humidity, and fine dust concentrations, to the OBSERVER FOUNDATION. Whenever observations are successfully performed, the details are recorded in a royalty token, ROT, and the data provider receives OBSR as compensation.

All observations are subject to quality control by meteorological experts and managed through big data technology. Data buyers can purchase OBSR from the cryptocurrency exchanges for weather data and acquire data through the OBSERVER FOUNDATION.

PRE-SALE Starts 10:00 UTC, June 11 2018, Ends 10:00 UTC, July 2 2018

Rate 1 ETH = 100,000 OBSR

Minimum 1 ETH Bonus 30%

PUBLIC SALE Starts 10:00 UTC, July 9 2018, Ends 10:00 UTC, July 30 2018

Rate 1 ETH = 100,000 OBSRMinimum 0.1 ETHBonus 10%

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