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OBIZCOIN (OBZ) is an ERC-20 compliant Utility token developed on ethereum platform.

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2017-12-14 - 2018-03-14
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Team: NYR
Feasability: NYR

OBIZCOIN – SMART BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION BOT BASED ON AI AND BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGYOBIZCOIN aims to develop a virtual CEO DAPP for start-ups and SME’s to manage their business effectively and get answers to all their business process problems on just a click on their smart phones, tablets or laptops.OBIZCOIN is a utility token offering multiple utilities like;1. Availing Operational Risk Score Analysis and other such services2. Access to OBIZCOIN DAPP Platform3.Third-Party tie-ups4.Reward to developers developing the platform5.Using tokens to avail vendor – partner products and services6. Incentivizing Employees / Associates OBIZCOIN Investors will be entitled to multiple benefits;1. Incremental Profit sharing starting from 30% distributed automatically from Sales Pool at the end of each month in their ETH wallets with the help of smart contracts2. Monthly Buyback plan of tokens upto 1% to decrease the circulation of tokens and increase its value to reward token holders3. Minimum Guarantee Return of 1% per month until BOT is developed. PARTNERSMyetherwalletEtherdeltaCOSSTOKEN DISTRIBUTION PLANTotal Tokens: 300 million tokens270 million tokens available for ICO participants006 million tokens for bounties024 million tokens for team, partners, advisorsHardcap: 15 million USDSoftcap: 1.5 million USDAny business, big or small require efficient processes to function effective operations. OBIZCOIN BOT helps organizations with designing these processes, aligning team to these processes, allocating tasks, reviewing and analysing them, rewarding them. DAPP will have API’s to connect with various software used by Organization to fetch data and make it usable. In addition to this, organization can have Operational Risk Score Analysis done to understand how strong their business processes are and know their organization’s operational health.BOT will be a decentralized platform allowing other business consultants to develop their processes and use them for their clients. Thus it is an auto scalable model with multiple utility.

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