NEO (NEF) Finance Token Sale

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Team: 6.1

Feasibility: 6.3

Product: 6.3

Overall Rating: 6.23

Short Description: Platform in which participants have the opportunity to instantly receive a money loan with fiat money on bail of volatile crypto assets

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NEO (NEF) Finance Token Sale

NEO Finance is a decentralized platform that takes into account the weaknesses of classic P2P credit models, which will create a stable and secure system for crediting users. It will provide you with fiat money, secured by crypto-currency. Thus, this will save you from the need to sell the cryptocurrency, if you have an urgent need for money, and will allow you to use your portfolio without the need to sell it.

Removes Cryptocurrency Volatility

Thanks to the economic model of NEO Finance, the value of the pledge asset is public and understandable to each participant in the transaction, and the terms of the loan itself are fixed in the detachment. Since the terms of this transaction are regulated by a smart contract, the solvency of the borrower, the assessment of the collateral, and the need to collect it from the borrower is no longer necessary. All this makes it possible to reduce financial costs, which in the traditional banking credit system are subsequently pawned in the interest rate on the loan.

Token Sale Details

  • Total tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Price: 1 NEF=0.1 USD
  • Min purchase: 1,000 NEF (100 USD)
  • Soft cap: 23,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 61,000,000
  • 20% - Pre-Sale 41% - Token-Sale 15% - Reserve Fund  12% - The team  5.5% - Bonuses 3.5% - Bounty 3% - Advisers

Token Sale Rounds

  • ICO: ongoing through 9/30/18
  • If soft cap is not reached before end of ICO, all funds will be returned to users.

For more information on $NEF tokenomics, download pdf here.

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