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Nagri-HL is a next generation of smart fertilizers.

ICO Ended
2018-04-02 - 2018-05-24
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Country of origin – Ireland

The key advantage of NagriCoin over other cryptocurrencies is it’s sectoral specificity. Being the only agricultural token Nagricoin is tied to real sector of the economy which compensates currency fluctuation and adds lasting value. The token basic asset is the Nagri-HL – newest organic composite formulation of micro-elements and antioxidants stimulating plant growth. Being in development for more than 7 years this advanced product demonstrates increase of yields and quality for almost any crop it is applied to and therefore will find wide application in agricultural and plant cultivation sectors around the world.

Used blockchain (Ethereum, Omni, building a new one, other) Ethereum ERC20

Token symbol – NGR

Start at/ End at Pre-ITO – 2 April 2018/24 May 2018

Start at/ End at ITO – 28 May 2018/30 June 2018

Goal ($)/ Cap ($) – 22 000 000$/500 000$

Raised ($)/ Price of token ($) – Pre-ITO 3$/ ITO -3$

Supply (total): 11,788,617 TOKEN FOR SALE 9,666,666

Bonus “- Pre-sale: 50%- Token sale (from 0 to 15 million USD — 6,666,667 NGR Tokens): 25%- Token sale (from 15 million to 20 million USD — 1,666,667 NGR Tokens): 0%

Any restrictions in who can participate?

The participant must be an adult (18 years old) and be a citizen of the country where such activities are not prohibited.


Interview with the CEO of NagriTech – Natural Agricultural Technologies on Blockchain OR ITS MVP –



One of the key advantages of Nagricoin is that it is one of a few ITO projects in the real economy sector. The basic asset of this token is the product – Nagri, which was developed almost 7 years ago. Nagri is the newest organic composite plant growth stimulant.

TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 82% – crowd sale; 12% – team; 2% – bounty program; 2% – partners, 2% – advisors

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