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Short Description: MEDIS: a new medical data storage and access systemControl Your History to Control Your FutureWHAT IS MEDIS?A blockchain-supported system of storage, access and use of electronic health records.MEDIS is a new approach that aspires to give control to patients over their existing medical records and health related data, while making it instantly available everywhere. The system utilizes distributed storage technology for redundancy and availability, distributed computing for access control and auditing, and strong cryptographic encryption to ensure confidentiality of the content uploaded in the form of medical records, diagnostic imaging and related information.PROBLEMHealthcare institutions own and maintain distinct EMR systems that are not communicating with each other, or not at a desirable level. Over the course of their lives patients visit multiple institutions, thus their records are spread across multiple disconnected systems, stored by each institution and practically inaccessible to the patient.SOLUTIONWe propose a different approach to the storage, access and monetization of medical data, where EMR entries are kept in a distributed storage layer in an encrypted form. The system does not replace existing EMR solutions, but it offers tremendous value to the patient by providing centralized storage of their medical records and control over who and how gets permission to access these records in this system. Access to records is controlled with Smart Contracts executed in consensus by computations of an Ethereum network. An Ethereum-based Token is also introduced as an internal currency and value store. Tokens are used for internal transactions and gain value as more patients and companies join the ecosystem. The system will be built in compliance with all HIPAA and data protection rules and regulations.BENEFITS TO PARTICIPANTSMonetizing records: patients can opt in to monetize their data and set a price in tokens for their record entries. Entities interested in research data (researchers, insurers, academia) can request data sets from MEDIS containing anonymized records.Targeted advertising: opportunities to patients who had a specific illness, or targeting geographic areas, age groups, genders or any combination of these.Rewarding content creation: patients can submit reviews and comments about the quality of treatment and they are rewarded in tokens for adding valuable information accessible for other patients.BENEFITS TO YOUR ORGANIZATIONImplementing or piloting the MEDIS system at your facility creates new opportunities for the company in the healthcare and health-related services industry. Being an investor or partner emphasizes your organization’s technological prowess and openness to new IT advancements. You gain deep insight into the interconnections between participants, obtain new data mining opportunities and new understanding of your patients’ needs.For more information, please visit and download our white paper. Thank you.

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